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January 18, 2024
Edward Smith

Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accident Caused by Missing Sacramento Driver

A missing Sacramento driver is being sought after fleeing the scene of an accident on January 14. The accident happened on College Town Drive between La Riviera Drive and the El Dorado Freeway during the evening hours. The Sacramento Police Department officers who responded to the accident reported that the pedestrian’s injuries were not life-threatening. 

Sacramento Missing Driver in Area Hit-and-Run Sought by Authorities

The injured pedestrian was transported to a hospital for treatment and more evaluation. Information was not released on the suspect vehicle that left the scene. Police are investigating the accident and conducting a search for the missing driver.

A Sacramento Injury Lawyer Tracks a Fleeing Vehicle

Unfortunately, Sacramento accidents are committed by some drivers who flee the scene after committing the crime. Our law firm has been responsible for locating several hit-and-run drivers over the last few years. To help our clients recover compensation, drivers must be held accountable for their actions. A myriad of resources are also available to us at our law firm to aid in this endeavor. The investigation of accidents leads to the following areas:

  • To collect physical evidence, an investigator searches for pieces of metal and paint from the vehicle in the Sacramento missing driver accident. These objects identify vehicle models and makes because they are specific for each manufacturer.
  • Witnesses of hit-and-run accidents are often interviewed and may identify the vehicle or driver.
  • A review of the police report is necessary to ensure its accuracy and completeness. It is possible that clients won’t be able to file a compensation claim if a mistake is made.
  • The identity of the hit-and-run vehicle can be gained by analyzing surveillance videos and using accident reconstruction techniques. It is possible to subpoena surveillance footage if a camera is on hand to catch the accident. 
  • Our attorneys present a strong case based on the evidence during negotiation or litigation.

Finding Compensation After a Fleeing Driver Accident

Financial responsibility for the injuries caused by the fleeing driver may be claimed when the motorist and vehicle are located. Even if a fleeing driver is found, he or she may not possess insurance or be able to pay your injury claim. Our clients’ coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists comes to the rescue in these situations. 

Coverage Against Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

Uninsured/underinsured driver coverage is offered when a driver first purchases California auto insurance policies. Many drivers in the state take advantage of this offer since there are so many motorists without coverage or sufficient to pay for injuries. This add-on policy benefits individuals who suffer injuries while walking, bicycling, or driving. A member of the injured party’s family can provide coverage if that member has it. No changes are made to the policy rates.

This video, presented by injury attorney Ed Smith, will give you a better idea of how to choose an accident lawyer:

Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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