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Sacramento Major Injury Occurs in Single-Vehicle Crash

Roseville Road Single-Vehicle Accident Causes Major Injury

A major injury accident occurred in Sacramento on October 12 when a driver’s vehicle struck a tree. The collision occurred around 1:06 in the afternoon along Roseville Road between Elkhorn Boulevard and Walerga Road when the driver of a vehicle lost control. According to a report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one person was left trapped inside the car.

Major Injury Reported in Accident

That individual had to be extricated by the Sacramento Fire Department and was assessed for injuries. After it was determined that major injuries had occurred, the patient was taken to a hospital for further treatment. The CHP has not said whether alcohol or drugs was a factor in the crash. The accident is being investigated by the CHP to find out what happened.

Single-Vehicle Crash

Driver error, of course, is responsible for the majority of single-vehicle crashes but not always. Some of these accidents are caused by events that are out of the control of the driver. An experienced personal injury lawyer can determine exactly how an accident occurred and hold the at-fault party financially responsible. Over my many years as an injury lawyer, I’ve successfully handled many of these cases. Some reasons a single-vehicle crash occurs outside the control of the driver are:

  • A mechanical or another defect in the car causes a collision. This may be from a tire blowout or problems with the brakes, steering, or accelerator. The manufacturer and others may be held financially responsible for accident injuries through a product liability claim.
  • Another driver causes the vehicle to crash and flees the scene. Hit-and-run drivers are becoming more common, and because they flee the scene, it may be thought of initially as a single-vehicle crash. Investigating the accident to gather evidence may prove that another car or truck caused the collision. 
  • Road conditions: If the government entity in charge of maintaining the roads is negligent, it can lead to a single-vehicle crash. Types of negligence may include potholes, debris in the roadway, malfunctioning lights, and more. However, because the timeline for filing against a government entity is much different than for other personal injuries, having an experienced lawyer to represent you is important. This can ensure that paperwork is completed correctly and filed before the deadline. Otherwise, the case will not be heard in court.

Investigation of a Single-Vehicle Crash

If a driver believes they were not responsible for their single-vehicle crash, an attorney can conduct an investigation to uncover the evidence to provide proof. If road conditions caused it, the investigators in the crash will photograph the scene to prove that government negligence was the cause. If another driver caused the crash, traffic surveillance cameras and those at nearby businesses can be checked to see if the accident was captured on tape. 

In accidents caused by auto defects, the vehicle can be checked to see what caused the incident. In addition, the investigators will check the police report for errors and interview the witnesses for corroborating statements that support the client’s claim. Once all the evidence is compiled, it is given over to our lawyers. 

Our legal team uses this information to construct a strong case that benefits our clients. It cannot only be useful during negotiations with the insurance company, but it can also be presented in civil court to obtain the compensation our client deserves for his/her injuries.

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