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Sacramento Construction Zone Accident Traps Woman’s Vehicle 

Vehicle Trapped in Accident at I-5 Construction Zone 

A construction zone and a wrong turn got one Sacramento driver stuck for hours before she was rescued by the freeway service patrol and workers with Caltrans on July 24. The woman in a Subaru believed she was entering an off-ramp at Sutterville Road off Interstate 5, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Instead, she ended up at an ongoing construction zone placed by Caltrans. 

Weekend Construction Zone Placed Due to I-5 Expansion

The area was closed recently because of a construction area expansion of I-5 from near Elk Grove Boulevard to the interchange for Highway 50. Caltrans announced the closure would involve several lanes and run from near Florin Road to Gloria Drive over the weekend. As a result, drivers were expected to take the detours as they commuted to work.

Woman Trapped in Her Vehicle in Construction Zone Finally Freed

As a result of her mistake, the woman in the Subaru ended up with her car trapped between a sound wall and concrete barrier. She was apparently stuck there for around four hours and unable to exit her vehicle. It took a tow truck to get the woman’s vehicle out, assisted by the service patrol officials and Caltrans workers. No injuries were reported as a result of the accident.

Accidents in Construction Areas

Dangerous accidents occur in construction areas, especially on highways because motorists are traveling at higher speeds. According to statistics, 115,000 vehicle crashes occurred with 38,900 injuries reported in 2019 alone. The site manager at a construction zone is responsible for its safety not only for workers but for drivers passing through. Some of the dangers at a construction site for motorists that can cause serious injuries include:

  • Inadequate or poorly placed signage
  • Too narrow lanes
  • Heavy traffic
  • Roadblocks
  • Improperly marked detour lanes
  • Confusing detours
  • Machinery moving in and out without warning
  • Decayed pavement
  • No guide to direct traffic
  • Negligent equipment operators
  • Blind spots caused by construction equipment
  • Obstacles and debris in the roadway

Liability in Construction Area Accidents

Liability if someone is injured due to negligence in a construction area depends on who is doing the work, which may be the state or an independent contractor. When injuries occur, an injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. Recovery of damages depends on how serious the injury is but includes:

  • Medical costs: All medical expenses associated with the accident injury can be recovered. This includes ambulance fees, hospitalization, medical tests, surgeries, physicians’ bills, and rehabilitation expenses. If the injury is expected to continue into the future or resulted in disability, these expenses are factored into the settlement.
  • Lost wages: If the injured party was unable to work, those lost wages can be recovered, including insurance, pension, and other bonuses of the job. If the injured party cannot continue working because of disability, they can recover the money they would have earned until retirement. 
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation can be recovered for the physical pain suffered because of an accident as well as the emotional and psychological damage.

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