Sacramento Car Crash

Sacramento car crash

Sacramento Car Crash

Sacramento Car Crash –  A Sacramento car crash along Highway 99 on September 3 in the morning hours resulted in the hospitalization of one individual. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident happened shortly before noon along the southbound side of the highway near Interstate 5. The cause for the collision is under investigation by the CHP. It is unknown if drugs or alcohol was involved. A report will be issued in due course.

Further Details of the Sacramento Car Crash

According to authorities, the Sacramento car crash occurred between a Ford Mustang that was grey in color and an Infiniti described as black. The airbags were deployed in one of the cars. An ambulance arrived at the scene and transported one individual to a nearby hospital, who was said to have suffered an injury to their arm. The nature of the injury nor its severity has yet to be revealed. At least one of the vehicles was removed from the Sacramento car crash site by a tow truck.

Sacramento Car Crash Statistics

The United States is one of the most trafficked countries in the world and sees upward of 6 million accidents per year, both fatal and non-fatal. California with its 26 million drivers ranks number one for increased traffic as commuters take to the road every day. Three thousand deaths were recorded last year in the state. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 4,502 fatal and non-fatal accidents in 2015 in Sacramento, the last year comprehensive data is listed for the city. This places Sacramento third out of 15 cities of similar size. Alcohol was involved in 429 of the accidents, making the city number two for accidents associated with drinking.

Drinking and Driving

In Sacramento, as elsewhere in the state, many accidents are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The use of both alcohol and legal, prescription and OTC drugs when driving is taking a toll on the vast number of residents injured and killed every day. For every Sacramento car crash that occurs, there is a 9.5 percent chance that drugs or alcohol will be involved.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another major cause of accidents in the city. Commuters and others are taking to the highways and city roads concentrating on issues unrelated to driving. For instance, finding an alternate route when traffic becomes congested or a conversation with a passenger can divert the driver’s attention from his or her surroundings. The cost of this behavior often results in accidents. In the five seconds it takes to read the average text message, the vehicle will have traveled the length of a football field when traveling at the 55 mph speed limit. Being unable to stop in time once an obstacle is recognized in this situation can end in a Sacramento car crash.

Watch YouTube Video ~ Distracted Driving is Like Driving Blind.

Injuries in a Sacramento Car Crash

A Sacramento accident can result in injury to the driver and his or her passengers. Some of the more common injuries are:

  • Head injuries: Head injuries can range from a minor concussion to a subdural hematoma where blood collects between the dura layer surrounding the brain and the organ itself. The blood puts pressure on the brain, causing a host of serious symptoms. While a concussion will usually improve with rest, a subdural requires surgery most of the time.
  • Chest trauma: The chest is exposed to trauma from several vantage points, including safety restraints and the steering wheel. This trauma can result in rib fracture and heart and lung damage.
  • Abdominal Trauma: Once again, the force of impact can cause significant trauma to the abdomen. This can result in bleeding of the abdominal organs, causing significant blood loss and even death.
  • Fractures: From pelvic to femur fracture to breaks of both the upper and lower extremities, broken bones can occur in a Sacramento car crash.

Sacramento Auto Accident Attorneys

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