Sacramento Accident Kills Bicyclist

Sacramento Accident Kills Bicyclist

Sacramento Truck Accident Kills Bicyclist


I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer. A bicycle ride turned deadly on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

What Happened?

At around 1:00 p.m. a man was riding his bike in Sacramento. Near the intersection of Van Ness Street and El Camino Avenue he was hit by a truck.

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What Caused This Tragedy?

The cause of this accident is under investigation. It helps to know if an intersection is on a dangerous list. When serious accidents happen at dangerous intersections it may be defective highway design. Police investigations usually focus on driver/bicyclist error. A thorough investigation will pin point true causes. Occasionally, other issues may have contributed to injury or fatality. This is when an experienced Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer can help.

What Dangerous Intersections Exist in Sacramento County?

Dangerous Intersections in unincorporated Sacramento County:

  • Hazel Avenue and Greenback Lane
  • Sonora Way and Madison Avenue
  • Winding Way and Crestview Drive
  • Watt Avenue and Winona Way
  • Melvin Drive and Walnut Avenue
  • Manzanita Avenue and Jameson Court

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What Happens When a Car or Truck Hits a Bicyclist?

Proving who is at fault in a motor vehicle vs. bike accident is much like proving fault in a auto vs. auto accident. Many similar rules apply. While riding your bike you are subject to same road rules as motorists, plus some bicycle specific laws.

If you don’t obey rules of the road you may be found at fault for the accident. Figuring out who is at fault in a crash is a question of fact. It’s a process of determining who did what, and when. Many times one side is determined totally at fault. Or, fault is split. To prove your case, it is best to hire an experienced Sacramento bicycle accident lawyer. Doing so right away helps protect your rights and preserve important evidence before it is lost, destroyed or fades away.


WATCH: Youtube Video, Car Uses Bicycle Lane/Bus Stop as Right Turn Lane, by pdxcommuter. This video shows how a motorist drives in a bike lane oblivious of a bicyclist in that lane.


Sacramento Bike Accident Lawyer

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