RV Accident Near Woodland Kills Driver

Interstate RV Accident Occurs When Driver Strikes Overpass

An RV accident was reported near Woodland on November 7 after the driver struck an overpass. The collision occurred along Interstate 5 near County Road 17 around 11:10 a.m. According to an officer with the Woodland area California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver of a Monaco recreation vehicle was going north along the interstate when they made a turn unsafely, causing the RV to exit the roadway and crash into the overpass. 

Police Seeking Information From the Public 

No information has been released about the deceased driver, pending notification of the family by the Yolo County Coroner’s Office. It is not believed that drugs or alcohol factored into the cause of the RV crash. All the northbound lanes of the road were closed due to the fatal collision and reopened around 3:00 p.m. The Woodland area CHP is asking that those with information about the accident give them a call at (530) 662-4685.

Accidents Involving RVs

Accidents in RVs are uncommon and happen much less than those in other motor vehicles. However, severe injuries and fatalities can occur in an accident due to their large size and weight. Travel trailers and fifth wheels are especially dangerous because their structural integrity isn’t as high as those in smaller vehicles. Common causes of an RV accident include:

  • Speed is a big contributor to RV collisions, especially if it is windy. The combination of both can cause an RV to experience a rollover. 
  • Nodding off at the wheel is another cause of an RV accident. Since people usually sleep in their recreational vehicle, it can be tempting to spend too many hours behind the wheel, which leads to fatigue.
  • Blind spots around an RV can lead to a crash if the driver isn’t cautious. Recreational vehicles have a number of blind spots, and although back-up cameras are available in newer models, it doesn’t help much if you’re changing lanes.
  • Braking is slower than in motor vehicles. Practicing to avoid hitting someone may be a good idea before taking that cross-country trip.
  • Wind is the enemy of an RV. Crosswinds can cause an RV to crash or roll over, which also happens with tractor-trailers. 

Other Causes of an Accident Involving a Recreational Vehicle

Not all RV collisions are caused by the driver. Other causes can include:

  • Bad roads: Government neglect of roads, including potholes, missing signs, poor lighting and others, can lead to an RV accident. The government agency may be liable for damages. Since the end date to file a claim against a government entity is six months, getting help from an accident attorney may be a good idea.
  • Defective parts: If a defective part in your RV causes a collision, you may be able to place a product liability claim to recover damages. Retaining the vehicle is important, so it can be checked for defects.

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