Rupture of the Sternum and Associated Injuries

Rupture of the Sternum and Associated Injuries

Car accidents happen every day resulting in major injuries or even death. For this reason, everyone should take steps to prevent car accidents from occurring. Based on information that has been published by the Insurance Information Institute (III):

  • In 2017, more than 37,000 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Even though this represents a drop from 2016, this number had gone up the prior two years.
  • Drunk driving and speeding continue to persist as two of the most common reasons why fatal car accidents occur.

People are suffering serious injuries in car accidents, and many of these lead to lifelong complications. One example is a rupture of the sternum, which places numerous vital organs at risk.

Mechanism of a Rupture of the Sternum

The sternum is one of the strongest, thickest bones in the body. It runs down the center of the chest and is where the ribs attach. Because of this, a sternal rupture requires a large amount of force. Some of the ways that this could happen include:

  • Blunt trauma sustained in an auto accident, such as a collision with the steering wheel.
  • Being ejected from a motorcycle, truck, or another motor vehicle.
  • A physical assault.
  • A fall from a great height.

Symptoms of a sternal rupture include intense chest pain, difficulty breathing, and bruising of the chest wall. A sternal rupture is often diagnosed using imaging modalities such as an x-ray or a CT scan. There are additional injuries that someone could suffer from a sternal rupture.

Numerous Associated Injuries

The sternum and ribs protect the vital organs of the chest which includes the heart and the lungs. If the sternum ruptures, it places all of these other organs at risk. If the heart and lungs have been damaged, this could be a surgical emergency. Some of these associated injuries include:

  • A pulmonary contusion
  • A collapsed lung called a pneumothorax 
  • The development of a pericardial effusion
  • A tear in one of the blood vessels coming off of the heart

Any of these injuries have the potential to be life-threatening. Therefore, emergent medical care is of key importance.

Contacting a Personal Injury Law Firm

If someone is suffering damage to the heart and lungs following a rupture of the sternum, there are lifelong complications that might result. Individuals would be required to see specialists on a regular basis and might even require surgery. Meeting with an injury lawyer can be helpful. An experienced attorney can:

  • Act as an objective presence to help families make decisions during a tough time.
  • Assist individuals in receiving the largest insurance payout allowed under their policy.
  • Help families pursue damages that are based on their pain, suffering, and injuries.

Do not feel like you have to face this alone. An injury lawyer in Sacramento can help you and your loved ones during this difficult time. You might be owed a financial reward.

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Rupture of the Sternum and Associated Injuries:

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