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Run-Off-Road Accident in Folsom

Pickup Driver Hits Tree Off Northbound Highway 50

A run-off-road accident recently caused the death of a male driver 50 feet off northbound Highway 50 in the vicinity of the East Bidwell Street exit in Folsom. The accident happened west of Scott Road, slightly before 5:15 in the morning. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the driver’s Dodge pickup crossed over a grassy area at the side of the road and hit a tree. The as-yet-unidentified man was pronounced dead at the crash site. According to authorities, drugs or alcohol were not thought to be involved in the crash. The CHP is investigating why the run-off-road accident happened.

Facing a Wrongful Death

Families are often overwhelmed by an accident that claims the life of their loved one. Grief over the loss and fear that they will not be able to handle financial difficulties are daunting. It is a time when families need to pull together and help each other by providing the comfort of their presence and assistance. Some families face losing their homes or being unable to pay their bills due to the loss of the support the decedent provided. If a negligent person or entity was responsible for the accident, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

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Run-Off-Road Accidents

A run-off-road accident is one where a lone vehicle leaves the road and is involved in a collision, frequently with an immovable object. When this happens, the risk of injury or death is high. Examples of fixed objects include trees or utility poles. Another consequence of a run-off-road accident is when the vehicle rolls over. This is a dangerous situation as the occupants of the vehicle may be ejected or injured by a crushed roof

Causes of a Run-Off-Road Accident

Some reasons for run-off-road accidents are:

  • Curves: Run-off-road accidents often happen on curves, especially if the vehicle is taking the curve at a high speed. On some occasions, the driver enters a curve at an unreduced speed due to a lack of warning signs. In this case, the injured party or family may be able to file a claim against the government agency responsible for road maintenance.
  • Animals: Drivers often encounter an animal in the road and try to avoid hitting it by swerving off the road. Depending on the speed of the vehicle, the driver may lose control and be involved in a run-off-road accident. If a farm animal is in the road due to a farmer/rancher not providing secure enclosures, liability may be involved.
  • Other vehicles: When another vehicle moves into a driver’s lane, the motorist may swerve to avoid hitting it, leading to a run-off-road accident.

Injuries in Run-Off-Road Accidents

Injuries, both fatal and non-fatal, occur in run-off-road accidents. In the United States, about 30 percent of fatal injuries are from a vehicle leaving the road even though such accidents account for 16 percent of all crashes. One of the most dangerous scenarios is when the vehicle spins as it travels off the road and hits a fixed object broadside. This type of collision causes more serious injuries and fatalities since the side of the vehicle offers little protection.

Clear Zones

One way to prevent accident injuries in a run-off-road crash is to have a clear zone that is free of objects. Tests by General Motors showed that most drivers who leave the road will stop within 30 feet. When 30 feet of flat land, clear of any obstacles, is provided next to a travel lane, there are fewer run-off-road accidents. 

What an Attorney Can Do

While many run-off-road accidents are due to driver error, some are not. At our firm, we dispatch an investigative team to determine why an accident happened. Many accidents are due to defective auto equipment such as tires or brakes, road defects, and other vehicles. To determine the cause, our investigators use accident reconstruction techniques to help determine liability. They also speak with witnesses and obtain video footage of the crash. We also review police reports for errors. Once all the evidence is gathered, our investigative team releases it to our lawyers to help structure a case for the injured party or the family in a wrongful death case.

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