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February 10, 2016
Edward Smith
Roseville Bucks for Bikes

Roseville Bucks for Bikes

Applications Underway for Roseville Bucks for Bikes

Roseville is becoming a lovely part of the larger Sacramento metropolitan area. A group called Bucks for Bikes wants to make the town even nicer by reducing traffic congestion. I am excited by these efforts.

Bucks for Bikes Program

Bucks for Bikes offers financial help for people who want to purchase a commuter bicycle and bicycle gear. This includes a helmet, front and backlights, and a bike rack. The program began taking applications for bike financing starting on February 3rd. Applications close on March 21st.

Bicycling to work or on errands not only reduces the number of cars on the road but also improves air quality. There is less smog, so people with allergies or asthma breathe easier.

Bicycle Accidents with Distracted or Drunk Drivers

When there are more cyclists on the road, however, drivers must be patient and alert. Inattentive drivers, either because they are intoxicated or distracted, are the leading cause of all kinds of car accidents — including accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians. Bike commuters ride in the road as part of traffic, which puts them at risk. However, they are also not protected like drivers by a rumble cage, airbags, seatbelts, or other safety equipment commonly found in cars. All a cyclist has for protection is their helmet.

However, I appreciate this effort to make Roseville a nicer place to live. It is important, though, for cyclists to know their rights when they are the victims of a car accident. Serious personal injuries can occur after a vehicle hits a cyclist, including head or neck injuries which could have lasting consequences beyond medical bills.

Contact Roseville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville Bike Accident Lawyer.  I’ve helped numerous cyclists recover compensation for injuries sustained in automobile accidents involving bicyclists in Roseville and Placer County since 1982.

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Image Attribution: By mjmonty (Montagne’s Commuter Bike Uploaded by Gary Dee) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons