Rollover Crash Near Nevada City Injures Two

Injury Accident on Highway 49 Involves Two Vehicles

A rollover crash involving two vehicles occurred near Nevada City recently that sent two people to the hospital. The accident happened on northbound Highway 49 close to Old Downieville Highway during the morning hours. First responders with the Nevada City Consolidated Fire District arrived at the scene to discover a Honda Element and Ford pickup were blocking both the southbound and northbound lanes. 

Moderate Injuries Occur in Two-Vehicle Rollover Collision

The Element had overturned onto its side in one of the lanes. Of the two people injured in the collision, moderate injuries were reported in at least one. Both lanes of the highway were closed while the accident scene was cleared, and an investigation was held into its cause.

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents Causing a Rollover Crash

A rollover crash in a multiple-vehicle accident can happen from the force of the impact. In some cases, a vehicle is struck from the side and experiences a rollover. In others, just a heavy impact from the back or front is enough to cause one of these dangerous complications. However, a rollover crash can increase the injuries to those inside, especially if the airbags don’t deploy correctly or their seat belt breaks.

Roof Crush in a Rollover  

In addition, a vehicle that experiences a rollover can end up with roof crush. Roof crush reduces the amount of space where those inside can survive and can result in severe traumatic brain injuries as well as damage to the spinal cord. Although auto manufacturers are held to a standard that a vehicle roof must support 3.5 times the weight of the car, they don’t always do that. 

Examining the Vehicle Following a Rollover Crash

Retaining the vehicle following a rollover is important so that it can be examined by engineers to determine if roof crush occurred. Those who were injured by roof crush may place an auto product liability claim against the manufacturer if this is found to have contributed to injuries. An accident attorney can handle the claim for you, so you can recover the compensation you deserve.

Retaining a Lawyer After a Nevada City Multiple-Vehicle Accident

When a number of vehicles are involved in an accident, the other drivers and their insurance companies will be trying to avoid responsibility, even if they are at fault. This is one of the reasons having a lawyer by your side is helpful. The attorney you hire can handle investigating the rollover crash to determine which driver/drivers are responsible. 

Your injury lawyer can also negotiate for you with the at-fault party’s insurance company to get you fair compensation. The attorney could calculate your expenses and determine what would be a fair settlement. For example, in addition to all of your medical bills caused by the collision, the lawyer can determine your lost wages and what you should receive for your pain and suffering.

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