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October 28, 2022
Edward Smith

Sunset Boulevard Rollover Accident Occurs When Two Vehicles Crash

A rollover accident north of Rio Linda in the Pleasant Grove area involving a two-vehicle head-on crash occurred on October 26. The collision happened at Sunset Boulevard and Howsley Road intersection around 6:35 a.m. and involved a Honda Pilot and Toyota Scion. The Toyota was found overturned by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) upon their arrival, blocking the eastbound traffic on Howsley. 

Air Ambulance Transports One Person to Hospital

One person was reported as suffering a significant injury due to the collision. The roadway was shut down for an extended period as an air ambulance arrived to transport the patient to a hospital. The roadway reopened around 8:16 a.m. An investigation by the CHP is underway to determine which driver caused the collision and to assign fault.

What Is a Rollover Accident?

When two vehicles collide at an intersection, the resulting impact can cause one or both vehicles to roll over. A rollover occurs when a vehicle tips onto its side or roof and can be hazardous for the occupants.

How an Intersection Rollover Accident Occurs

There are a few different ways that a collision can cause a rollover. One is if one of the vehicles is hit with enough force, it is sent toppling over. This can happen if one vehicle is hit much harder than the other or if the impact causes the vehicle to rotate in a way that makes it lose its balance.

Another way that an intersection collision can cause a rollover is if one of the vehicles is pushed into oncoming traffic. This can happen if one vehicle T-bones the other or if one rear-ends the other and causes it to veer into oncoming traffic. If a vehicle is hit by oncoming traffic while it is already tipped over on its side or roof, this can cause the car to be crushed, which can be fatal for the occupants.

Roof Crush in a Rollover Accident

The vehicle’s weight is transferred from the tires to the roof in a rollover. It can collapse if the roof isn’t strong enough to support this weight. This is called a “roof crush.”

A roof crush can cause serious injuries or even death. It’s one of the most dangerous types of accidents because it reduces the survivability space for those inside the vehicle and can cause traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord trauma.

Several factors can contribute to a roof crush, including:

  • A weak or defective roof design
  • Poorly manufactured or installed roofs
  • Lack of proper reinforcement in the roof structure
  • Inadequate testing of the roof before it’s put on the market

If you’ve been injured in a rollover accident, it’s essential to retain the vehicle so it can be examined and speak with an accident attorney who can help you investigate the cause of the collision and hold the responsible parties accountable. 

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