Roller Coaster Helped Man Pass Kidney Stones

Roller Coaster Ride Helped Man Pass Kidney Stones

Roller Coaster Ride Helped Man Pass Kidney Stones

Roller Coaster Helped Man Pass Kidney Stones

Roller Coaster Ride Helped Man Pass Kidney Stones

I’m Ed Smith, a kidney injury lawyer. There may be help for people with kidney stones. A recent study determined centripetal force may help sufferers of kidney stones pass them by taking a ride on a roller coaster. I admit, it’s quite a unique prescription for eliminating bothersome stones, but we think it is worth investigating before the stones become an enormous health-care expense.

The Unique Health Benefit of Taking a Ride on a Roller Coaster

Areas of Michigan become dead like a ghost town during spring break. College kids and entire families head towards warmer weather. Often south, to the theme parks of sunny Orlando, Florida. About a week later, the travellers return home sunburned and broke from their vacation spending. That is when a urological surgeon noticed, some of his patients also returned home with a reduction in kidney stones.

What an Interesting Correlation

The surgeon spends much time at Michigan State where he is a professor emeritus. He has dealt with the pain and scourge of kidney stones for decades. Kidney stones affect about one in 10 people during their lifetime. Most stones are small, and they pass through our bodies without presenting a problem. Sometimes a stone will linger in our kidneys. There it will begin to grow. This is what precipitates the multitude of sufferers to emergency rooms. The health care expense has been about $3.8 billion annually in our country for treatment and extraction. The severe pain of passing a larger stone has been likened to child birth.

Reports of Patients Passing Small Kidney Stones After Visiting Theme Parks

For years while he was in practice, the urological surgeon listened to anecdotal reports from his patients who had passed little kidney stones immediately after visiting or during their vacation at Disney theme parks. This was an amazing correlation he feels he would not have noticed if he practiced somewhere else in the country. He believes the springtime migration from Michigan to the theme park helped bring it to his attention.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The surgeon was truly inspired by one particular man who visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The man took a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and passed a small kidney stone. So impressed, he rode the coaster again and passed a second kidney stone! Learning of this, the urological surgeon realized there must be something to the centripetal force that helps sufferers of kidney stones pass them with relative ease.

Talk to Your Doctor Prior To Taking a Ride on a Coaster

This story is very inspiring for people who suffer from kidney stones. As inspiring as it may be, it is crucial to talk to your physician before taking a ride on a roller coaster or other amusement park rides – especially if you have medical conditions that may be aggravated or worsened by such activity.

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