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Reducing Vallejo Pedestrian Accidents

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January 24, 2017
Edward Smith


Reducing Vallejo Pedestrian Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo car accident lawyer. On Saturday, January 21, 2017, the city of Vallejo held its annual community training event at the Vallejo Community Center. This year, the primary focus of the event addressed the ongoing topic of pedestrian safety.

Pedestrian Safety Event

The public announcement event was held for a few hours by multiple health and safety professionals from Oakland and Vallejo. The event was also hosted by members of the non-profit organization, California Walks. The attendees of the event were informed about the lack of awareness for pedestrian safety in Vallejo and the ways officials can make the city more pedestrian-friendly.

Event Speakers

Speakers at the event included Solano County Public Health official, James Johnson Jr., who opened the event with a short discussion in which he noted that, “we’re excited to have walkability assessments here in Vallejo.” Johnson Jr. also addressed that “Walking is one of the best intersections between physical health and public planning.”

Supervisor Erin Hannigan also spoke at the event and stated the lasting benefits to public health that can result from improved conditions for Vallejo pedestrians. Hannigan noted that Vallejo has an abnormally high rate of diabetes and high blood pressure. Hannigan believes that more walking is “a piece to the puzzle” for longer lives for citizens in this city.

The main speaker of the event was Tony Dang, the Executive Director of California Walks. Dang delivered a presentation about how to improve pedestrian safety. The presentation also included an outline of the six E’s approach to improving conditions for pedestrians:

  • Evaluation
  • Equity
  • Empowerment
  • Encouragement
  • Education
  • Enforcement

Strategy for Safety

Tony Dang indicated that the strategy of “data-driven decision making” can be used to make safety improvements in cities throughout the bay area. This strategy was demonstrated in an example map presented by Dang regarding the number of pedestrian accidents in Vallejo. The map also included the problematic areas for pedestrians. These areas include the following streets:

  • Tennessee Street
  • Sonoma Boulevard
  • Solano Avenue
  • Georgia Street

Dang agreed that the results were not surprising. However, these results can be used by city leaders in order to set effective goals for reducing pedestrian accidents.

Local Reaction

Residents of Vallejo were relieved once their voiced concerns were finally heard by city officials. Officials will be focusing on improving the safety of foot traffic in this city. In recent statistics, pedestrian accidents are some of the most common accidents to result in serious injuries.

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