Redding Crash Seriously Injures Bicyclist

Redding Crash Seriously Injures Bicyclist

Redding Crash Seriously Injures Bicyclist

I’m Ed Smith, a Redding personal injury lawyer. According to reports from local officials, a recent Redding auto accident left an area cyclist with serious injuries. Officers from the Redding Police Department (RPD) reported that the accident took place between a minivan and a bicycle with an attached motor. Officers said the crash happened while it was dark outside. It occurred in a business area on the northwestern side of the city close to the Highway 237/Highway 299 junction. An accident investigation is underway. The cyclist was identified in as Anthony Tyrone Revis, a 51-year-old Redding resident. No updates on Mr. Revis’ condition were available at the time of reporting.

Collision Details

RPD reported that they were first notified about the crash not long after 9:00 p.m. when they received a phone call notifying them that a cyclist may have been injured in an accident. The crash reportedly took place on the eastbound side of Lake Boulevard at the intersection of Northpoint Drive just outside of the Raley’s parking lot.

Witnesses to the collision told police that Mr. Revis quickly rode into the street before he was struck by the van. Revis was knocked off of his bike and onto the road. Police later identified the van driver as a 28-year-old Redding man. Reports indicate that the van driver cooperated with responding officers.


Medical response teams at the accident site found that Revis was seriously injured and had him immediately taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. The driver of the van did not suffer injuries during the crash. Additionally, no passengers were reported to have been in the van when the collision occurred.


RPD closed down lanes on Lake Boulevard as they performed an initial inspection of the accident site. At about 11:00 p.m., after workers had fully removed the crash debris from the road, the traffic lanes were reopened.

RPD has not yet stated what they believe to have caused the crash, but have noted that drugs and alcohol are not suspected as factors. Officers also said that Revis had not been wearing a safety helmet and that his bike was not equipped with any lights for night-time riding.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents happen often and are likely to leave cyclists with injuries. Common causes of bike accidents include drivers blocking riders and forcing them into a crash. Other causes include bike parts that don’t function properly and hazards in the road that cause a bicyclist to fall over or turn suddenly.

Because bikes can travel at relatively high speeds and offer almost no protection in the event of a crash, they frequently cause injuries that seriously affect people’s lives. These can involve paralysis, internal trauma, traumatic brain injuries, and more.

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