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July 11, 2022
Edward Smith

Three People Hospitalized After Driver Hits Them at Lake Redding Park

An alleged drunk driver in Redding was placed under arrest on July 7 after driving her vehicle into a crowd. Local police are saying the act appeared to have been intentional. The collision occurred at Lake Redding Park at about 4:00 a.m. 

Three Injured Patients Transported to Hospital

The Redding Police Department said they received multiple phone calls saying that a vehicle crashed into people in the park. Upon arrival, emergency responders with the Redding Fire Department found three injured people. The injuries those people had suffered appeared to be non-life-threatening. Medics transported those patients to Mercy Medical Center. 

Female Driver Identified as Redding Resident

The woman who drove into the crowd was identified as a resident of Redding, age 19. Police are saying that the act appeared to be intentional. They think she drove into the crowd because her car had been vandalized, and a physical fight was involved. 

Reported Drunk Driver Located in Anderson

The woman apparently left the scene but was found in Anderson along with her vehicle. Officers with the Anderson Police Department were there to assist in the driver’s apprehension. Redding police determined the woman was a drunk driver when the incident occurred. 

Driver Facing Multiple Charges in Park Incident

The driver was placed under arrest and charged with felony DUI as well as assault with a deadly weapon. She has been booked into Shasta County jail. Those with information about the investigation are asked to phone Redding Police Department’s Detective Division.

Punitive Damages After an Intentional Injury

When someone is injured in California due to an intentional act, they may ask the court to award punitive damages, especially if it involved a drunk driver or other egregious act. Punitive damages are awarded not as compensation for the injured party but to punish the offender and discourage other behavior of this type. Punitive damages are awarded in a civil court case and separate from criminal charges against the offending party. 

Punitive Damages Awarded Are Usually Much Higher

In many cases, punitive damages are much higher than the compensatory damages awarded. They are not awarded instead of the compensatory damages but in addition to them. The at-fault party does not have to be convicted of a crime to be taken to court to recover personal injury damages. 

The case that comes to mind is that of O.J. Simpson. Simpson was accused of murdering his wife but found not guilty by the criminal court jury. However, in civil court, he was deemed guilty of the wrongful deaths of his wife and Ronald Goldman, and the jury awarded $33.5 million to the families. Criminal cases are held to a higher standard of proof than civil claims.

Pursuing Compensation After an Intentional Injury

When you’ve been injured in an act caused by a drunk driver or intentionally, you may have the right to pursue compensation to cover all of your medical expenses and lost wages and to reimburse you for your pain and suffering. When the act that caused your injury was intentional, you can ask your attorney whether you can request punitive damages.

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