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February 20, 2023
Edward Smith

Sacramento Self-Driving Car Accidents and Recovering Losses

Recovering losses after an accident with a self-driving car can be a complex process, involving multiple parties, including the vehicle manufacturer, the software developer, and, potentially, the car’s owner. The complexity of this process can lead to an unsuccessful resolution of a claim without legal advice. Our firm urges clients to take advantage of our free, no-obligation case evaluation. We can answer your questions, discuss your injury claim and provide options for your consideration. 

Factors in a Self-Driving Car Lawsuit

In California, the state where many self-driving car companies are based, the liability for an accident involving a self-driving vehicle can depend on several factors, including:

  • Who was at fault for the accident: If the accident was caused by a software malfunction or a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer or software developer may be held liable for the damages. If the accident was caused by human error, such as a passenger taking control of the vehicle, the liability may fall on the driver or owner of the car.
  • The level of automation: The level of automation in the self-driving car, as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), can also play a role in determining liability. For example, suppose the car was operating in a fully autonomous mode. In that case, the manufacturer or software developer may be held more responsible than if the car operated in a partially automated mode, where the driver is expected to take control in certain situations.
  • Insurance coverage: The insurance coverage for self-driving cars can also play a role in determining who is responsible for covering the costs of an accident. For example, some insurance policies may cover accidents involving self-driving cars, while others may exclude them.

Gathering Evidence After an Accident With a Self-Driving Car

In the event of an accident with a self-driving car, it is crucial to gather evidence and contact the police to file a report. Consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney to understand your rights and options for recovering your losses. An attorney can help you navigate the complex legal and insurance landscape and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Reasons Self-Driving Cars Cause Accidents

Self-driving cars have the potential to cause accidents due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Software malfunctions: The software that powers self-driving cars is complex and can malfunction, leading to errors in decision-making and control. For example, a software glitch could cause the vehicle to make an unexpected maneuver, causing an accident.
  • Sensor failures: Self-driving cars rely on various sensors, such as cameras, radar and lidar, to gather information about their surroundings. If any of these sensors fail, the car may not be able to accurately perceive its environment, which could lead to an accident.
  • Human error: In situations where the car requires human intervention, such as during the transition from autonomous to manual driving, human error can cause an accident. For example, a human driver who is not prepared to take control of the car may cause an accident if they do not react quickly enough.

Self-driving cars have the potential to cause accidents due to a variety of reasons, as noted above. While there is still much to be done before self-driving vehicles become widely available, the technology has already undergone significant development. Engineers and developers need to understand the potential risks associated with self-driving systems to make them safer.

AI Algorithms

The biggest challenge with self-driving cars is ensuring their AI algorithms are programmed correctly. Programming the AI algorithms in this way ensures the vehicle can accurately detect objects in its environment and identify potential hazards. Once this happens, the self-driving car can react seamlessly by taking data from multiple sources and interpreting it quickly without endangering its passengers. For this to happen, the algorithms must be able to process huge amounts of data in a short amount of time.

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