Reasons for Truck Rollover Accidents


Reasons for Truck Rollover Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, an Orangevale truck accident lawyer. Truck rollover accidents happen less frequently than other types, yet the results are often deadly. The reasons for rollover accidents are mixed between driver error and truck stability in different situations.

Incidence of Rollover Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 500 big rig rollover crashes and 1,300 tanker rollovers happen annually. Only 40 percent of the rollover accidents do not include fatalities. Although curves and entrance and exit ramps are often implicated, the majority of the rollover accidents occur on straight stretches of roadways. In addition, rollover accidents often happen in dry weather. Rollover accidents are not the providence of new truck drivers since 66 percent of such accidents involve long-time truckers.

Reasons Truck Rollover Accidents Happen

The causes and characteristics of truck rollover accidents are divided between driver error and truck-related issues. While the latter do come into play, driver negligence is considered the primary reason such accidents occur. Rollover accidents are responsible for many fatal or incapacitating injuries. Multiple studies have been done to determine what can be done to reduce the incidence of rollover accidents.

Driver Error

Driver error is involved in the majority of rollover truck accidents. Different types of driver error are:

  • Speed: Speed is involved in about 45 percent of all rollover accidents. Speed enhances the difference between the speed of the front wheels and the wheels over the cargo section. This means at higher speeds, the difference between the two is exaggerated, leading to rollovers. Drivers need to adjust their speed to the load they are carrying to help prevent rollover.
  • Curves: Curves account for approximately 66 percent of rollover accidents. For the most part, such accidents happen on on-and-off ramps. Semi trailers are most prone to rollovers due to the trailer’s poor roll stability. There are several reasons that truckers go faster than they should on curves. The primary reason this happens is because the trucker misjudges the safe speed for the curve. Even though the speed limit is posted, it might be less than safe for the load a trucker is hauling. Sometimes a trucker goes too fast on the curve because of concern about reaching their destination in a timely manner.
  • Aggressive Driving: Anger is a factor in some rollovers, usually triggered by other motorists.
  • Loads: Loads that are over the weight limit for the truck’s center of gravity cause many rollover accidents. On top of the weight disparity, loads that are not secured or distributed properly add to the problem.

Vehicle Issues

Rollovers often reflect a problem with the truck’s brakes or tires. Worn tires are a major issue. When tires are worn, a trucker must adjust speed to accommodate them. If not, rollovers are more likely.

Brake problems are potentially a cause of rollovers since the truck is unable to decrease speed enough to avoid a rollover accident. This happens on downgrades and curves as well as at intersections. In most instances, a trucker should be aware of braking issues and slow down accordingly.

Injuries in Truck Rollover Accidents

Truck rollovers occur in slightly more than 3 percent of all truck accidents, yet are responsible for greater than half of all fatalities. Aside from fatalities, catastrophic injuries are most often seen, including traumatic brain injury. This is the case for both truckers and other motorists. Due to the weight and size of the truck compared to a passenger vehicle, those in smaller vehicles bear the brunt of the injuries.

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