Rancho Murieta Multiple-Vehicle Crash Involves School Bus

Head-on Collision on Jackson Road Causes a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

A multiple-vehicle crash hospitalized three people in an accident that occurred west of Rancho Murieta and involved a school bus on January 20. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the accident occurred around 6:35 a.m. along Jackson Road near Latrobe Road. The collision involved four vehicles, including a school bus. Fortunately, the only person on the school bus at the time was the driver. 

Injuries Reported in Rancho Murieta Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Three people riding in the two vehicles that were involved in the head-on collision were transported to a hospital for medical care with moderate injuries. The fourth vehicle and school bus sustained minor damage in the multiple-vehicle crash. Authorities believe the collision may have occurred because one of the vehicles involved was attempting to pass the school bus and instead collided with an oncoming car. That section of Jackson Road was closed down while an investigation into the cause of the head-on collision was conducted by authorities.

Causes of Improper Passing in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Although some drivers become impatient when behind a slower-moving vehicle, improper passing can end up causing a serious head-on collision with an oncoming car or a multiple-vehicle crash. Almost all accidents caused by improper passing are due to negligence such as:

  • The driver disregards the double-yellow line that prohibits passing.
  • The driver passing speeds up to do so, losing control of their vehicle.
  • The passing vehicle sees another car approaching, but the driver thinks they can safely get back into their own lane without causing a collision. 
  • A driver attempts to pass on the right, which is illegal.
  • The driver doesn’t use their mirrors correctly or check their blind spot before attempting to pass another vehicle. 

Placing a Claim for Compensation Following an Injury Accident

Those who are injured by a negligent driver or other entity may want to find out if they can file a claim to recover compensation. We can offer you a no-obligation consultation in which you can find out whether you can file a claim and what the options are to recover damages. Since 1982, the injury attorneys at AutoAccident.com have been successful in handling many cases of this type, treating you like family and taking the burden off your shoulders.

Investigation of a Traffic Collision

When a multiple-vehicle crash occurs, such as one caused by improper passing, an investigation has to be conducted to collect the evidence that supports a client’s claim. At-fault drivers often don’t want to admit they are to blame for an accident. However, our investigative team is experienced in gathering evidence that shows the other driver is at fault. Some of the areas in which the investigators look for evidence include:

  • The first thing the investigators do is go to the site of the multiple-vehicle crash to collect evidence such as marks on the roadway, paint smears and fallen pieces of metal. They also photograph the site and the vehicles to see where the damage occurred.
  • They look over the police report to see if any mistakes were made. This is because errors can affect a client’s claim for compensation.
  • Witnesses are interviewed. Sometimes, a witness filmed the accident on their camera as it occurred or soon afterward.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed and indicates the positioning of the vehicles before, during, and after the multiple-vehicle crash occurred.
  • Traffic cameras in the area are checked to see if the multiple-vehicle crash was captured on film. 

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