Rancho Murieta Injury Accident on Scott Road

Rancho Murieta Injury Accident on Scott Road

A Rancho Murieta injury accident happened on December 16, involving three vehicles along Scott Road, which required an ambulance to transport one individual to a hospital. One of the cars involved in the collision went off the road but appeared to have experienced a rollover, landing once again on its wheels. Some people stopped to help those who were in the collision. It was reported that there were about 20 people out of their vehicles who were assisting, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report. Jurisdiction for an investigation into the cause of the accident and to place fault will be conducted by the CHP.

Rancho Murieta Injury Accident Details

The accident happened around 6:13 in the evening along Scott Road southbound just north of Latrobe Road and north of Route 16. One individual was reported to have suffered a major injury; however, no information was released on the other people who were involved in the Rancho Murieta injury accident. The crash involved a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and dark sedan, possibly a BMW. The other vehicle was not identified.

How to Avoid a Rollover Accident

In traffic collisions, a rollover may be unavoidable, especially if a vehicle is struck broadside. However, in addition to driving carefully, there are things a motorist can do to reduce the risk of a rollover and injuries caused by one. Tips include:

  • Wear a seat belt, and insist that others in the vehicle do the same. In a rollover without a lap belt, occupants inside are thrown around, striking the interior of the vehicle multiple times. Being ejected from the car is not uncommon and accounts for around 50 percent of rollover fatalities.
  • Stay at or under the speed limit. Speeding contributes to a high number of accidents. It can also increase the risk of a rollover by losing control of the vehicle or taking a curve too fast.
  • Don’t depend on your vehicle’s safety systems to protect you. Despite new technologies that help protect a driver such as lane departure warnings, certain vehicles are more prone to rollovers such as vans, pickups, and SUVs. This is because their center of gravity is higher. Some vehicles, when they experience a rollover, end up with a crushed roof, causing severe head injuries. Trucks that are lifted can also experience a rollover when traveling on uneven ground or rounding a tight curve.
  • Tire care is important to help avoid a rollover. Underinflated tires are one of the reasons rollovers occur. Old tires, combined with summer heat, can lead to a blowout, causing a rollover. Tires may also be defective, which can lead to a vehicle turning over.
  • Cargo placement is important. Store heavier items toward the middle and space them out to distribute the weight.

Watch the following video by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety presented by attorney Ed Smith:

Auto Defects and Roof Crush Injuries

Rollover accidents, although dangerous, are survivable if the occupants of the vehicle are buckled in, and the roof does not crash in on them. Crushed roofs are responsible for deaths, brain injuries and spinal cord damage. There is legislation that should help correct this problem. However, many older vehicles are not covered by the new restrictions on roof strength. In addition, the design of the roof and supporting structure may not be conducive to maintaining survival space in the passenger compartment during a rollover.

Design Defects That Lead to Crushed Roofs in a Rollover

Certain design defects can cause a crushed roof in a rollover accident. They are:

  • Weak supporting elements: Supports are often made of tubular elements with notches and cutouts. These weak areas allow the roof to crush downward and buckle in a rollover. Some vehicles have what is called windshield pillars with partial reinforcements that are bound to buckle in a crash.
  • Roof structure: The roof may be composed of thin materials such as weak sheet metal that is unable to support the vehicle’s weight. Despite current roof strength rules, some designs have been shown to be inadequate during a rollover.

How a Lawyer Can Help in a Rancho Murieta Injury Accident

Having an attorney experienced in rollover accidents is invaluable in evaluating such crashes, particularly if done as soon as possible after the event. The attorney can check for similar accidents due to faulty roof strength in the vehicle. By having the resources to secure experts in the field of crushed roofs, they will be able to evaluate the vehicle’s roof construction and offer evidence that its structure/design was defective.

Because California is a comparative fault state, anyone who is negligent and involved in an accident can bear part of the responsibility. An experienced lawyer can help by examining all the evidence to prove fault and help the injured person compile the expenses incurred. From negotiating with the insurance company to presenting a strong case in civil court, using an injury lawyer to help in your time of need is an excellent way to obtain fair compensation.

Rancho Murieta Car Accident Lawyers

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