Rancho Cordova Major Injury Accident

Rancho Cordova Major Injury Accident

A Rancho Cordova major injury occurred on December 10 at around 11:30 in the morning when a Subaru SUV and motorcycle crashed along Pyrites Way. The SUV was reported as blocking the roadway. After the crash, the motorcyclist was found lying on the ground on the right-hand side of the two-lane road. An ambulance was summoned for what appeared to be major injuries to the motorcycle rider, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It is unknown what caused the accident at this time, but it is being investigated by the CHP. There is no indication as to the nature of the injuries or whether alcohol or drugs were involved in the collision.

Motorcycle Rancho Cordova Major Injury

When a motorcyclist is involved in a crash with an SUV, the likelihood that the biker will sustain a major injury is high. One reason for this is the complete lack of protection the biker has compared to the motorist. Another is that the bike can land on top of the rider, or the biker can be thrown from the motorcycle, exposing them to further injury. Additionally, the size and weight of the bike is much less than that of the SUV, which can lead to a Rancho Cordova major injury. Some common injuries found in this type of accident are:

  • Brain injuries: While the use of helmets is mandatory in California, not every biker uses one. By leaving the head unprotected, the chance of a brain injury is increased. The type of brain injury can vary from concussions, where the brain is jolted against the inner part of the skull due to a blow, to more serious traumatic brain injuries. These include subdural hematomas to the destruction of a major nerve conduction pathways in the brain or diffuse axonal injury. For many TBIs, surgical and medical intervention are necessary. With this type of traumatic injury, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help the injured person and family obtain the financial compensation needed for continued care and rehabilitation.
  • Fractures: Fractures are common in a major injury accident. The lower extremities are often targeted. Some fractures involve a simple break while others require surgery and long periods of rehabilitation for recovery.
  • Lacerations and bruises: Without protection, lacerations or cuts are common. Wearing a helmet can protect the face while adequate attire such as jeans, a leather jacket, and boots protect the rest of the body.
  • Road rash: Being thrown to the pavement and sliding on the rough asphalt often happens in a motorcycle accident. When the biker is wearing shorts and flip-flops, the chance of suffering road rash is high. While not a critical injury, road rash can be painful, and the risk of infection is high.

How to Prevent a Rancho Cordova Major Injury

There are things a motorcyclist can do to stay safe. Some are:

  • Be familiar with your bike, and take a course in motorcycle safety.
  • Make sure your bike is well maintained.
  • Wear proper clothing.
  • Use your lights and make sure they are in working order.
  • Use reflectors on the bike to ensure you will be seen at night.
  • Wear a helmet and make sure it is approved by the Department of Transportation.
  • Wear the right size helmet.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, and watch out for motorists on the road.
  • Always anticipate what others are going to do.
  • Don’t drive in a vehicle’s blind spot.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Rancho Cordova

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova motorcycle accident injury lawyer. Injuries to a motorcyclist who has been hit by a negligent driver can be serious and result in high medical bills, time away from work and other financial costs that can be devastating to the family budget. If this happens to you or your loved one, I would like to offer you free and friendly advice. You can reach me at (916) 921-6400 or by calling (800) 404-5400. If it is inconvenient to call, I have an online contact form.

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