Rancho Cordova Critical Injury Accident Involves Head-On 

Critical Injury Accident Occurs on Rancho Cordova Parkway 

A head-on collision was the cause of a Rancho Cordova critical injury accident on December 29. The crash happened in the morning along Rancho Cordova Parkway at Cobble Brook Drive. One person suffered critical injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment, according to a spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Parkway Closed as Investigation Conducted in Critical Injury Accident

Authorities closed the parkway between Douglas Road and Cobble Brook Drive, and Cobble Brook Drive was also temporarily blocked off between Aura Way and Rancho Cordova Parkway. At the same time, an investigation was carried out to determine the cause and fault of the accident.

Rollover Likelihood in an Accident

In addition to vans and SUVs, light trucks are the most likely to roll over. There are, however, specific conditions that can result in this type of accident with any vehicle. In vans, light trucks, and SUVs, passengers are more likely to suffer a partial ejection than passengers in other types of vehicles, even when wearing seat belts. 

Accidents Involving Rollovers Pose Additional Dangers

When a vehicle rolls over, the roof can be crushed. It is possible for a vehicle’s roof and support to buckle during a rollover accident, resulting in the top collapsing on the occupants. While auto manufacturers must design their roofs to support up to 3.5 times a vehicle’s weight if it rolls over, not all do. It can cause a critical injury accident involving such damage as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord trauma if the roof caves in inside the vehicle.

Keeping the Vehicle Following a Rollover Accident

It is common for occupants of a car or truck to sustain a critical injury accident or even die as a result of a roof crush after it has rolled over. Therefore, retaining the vehicle is essential. The engineers can then scrutinize the vehicle to determine if a defective part or roof crush caused the accident-related injuries. The manufacturer can be sued for defective products or roof crushes when an injured party files a product liability claim. 

Compensation in a Head-On Collision

When someone suffers injuries in an accident caused by another motorist, they may recover the following in compensation by filing a personal injury claim:

  • All the medical expenses caused by the accident are recoverable from the ambulance and hospitalization to physicians’ bills, testing, surgeries, and rehabilitative care.
  • Wages that are lost because the injured person cannot work are recoverable. 
  • Compensation for physical and emotional suffering can be recovered. 

Ed Smith, an accident lawyer, discusses what to look for when hiring an attorney:

Rancho Cordova Car Accident Attorney 

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