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Rancho Cordova Big Rig Overturns

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June 29, 2016
Edward Smith

Rancho Cordova Big Rig Overturns

Rancho Cordova Big Rig Rollove

Rancho Cordova Big Rig Overturns

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova truck accident lawyer. The California Highway Patrol had a huge mess on its hands after a big rig packed full of recycled materials overturned in Rancho Cordova on Saturday, June 25, 2016.

What Happened?

Officers said the crash occurred around 10:45 a.m. The truck overturned spilling its load at the intersection of Hazel Avenue and Folsom Boulevard in Rancho Cordova.

Was Anyone Injured?

The driver was able to get out of the big rig despite it overturning. The truck driver had to be treated at the scene of the accident for an injury to his hand.

What Kind of Truck?

The truck involved in the crash was a semitractor-trailer.

What Kind of Load was Spilled?

For reasons unspecified, the truck rolled onto its side. In the process, it spilled a load of scrap metal all over the side of the roadway. It caused quite a mess. It also caused headaches for motorists trying to navigate through the area.

Traffic was backed up around Folsom Boulevard and Hazel Avenue after the mishap.

What Caused the Crash?

The cause of the crash was not available. It generally takes the California Highway Patrol and/or the Rancho Cordova Police Department about a week to prepare a traffic collision report. The report usually specifies a cause for the accident.

There are several different types of negligence that can contribute to an accident involving a large commercial truck. Some of those include:

  • Too much cargo on board
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Failure to maintain the truck
  • Truck drivers who are not properly trained
  • Tired or distracted truck drivers
  • Truck drivers failing to follow safety guidelines
  • Excess Speed – trying to hurry and deliver a load
  • Truck drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol

There are many complex legal issues that must be investigated in truck accident cases. Call an experienced truck accident lawyer if you have been injured in a crash involving a truck.

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