How to Protect Children From Dog Bites

How to Protect Children From Dog Bites

How to Protect Children From Dog Bites

I am Ed Smith, a dog bite attorney in Lodi. Dog bites can result in terrible injuries. However, a dog bite in children can be worse because of a child’s small size. Extra caution must be taken to protect children from dog bites, even if the animal is a family pet or one the child is acquainted with.

Avoiding Dog Bite Injuries to Children

Supervision of both the child and animal are key to preventing dog bite injuries. This is especially true where infants and toddlers are involved. Older children can be trained about the warning signs of an agitated dog and taught ways to take precautions. However, adult supervision is always a good idea. Any animal exhibiting signs of discomfort or aggression should be either leashed or placed in a location away from children.

Teaching Children How to Stay Safe Around Dogs

While there are pointers that parents can use to teach children how to interact with dogs, the ultimate responsibility lies with the child’s parents and other adults. Both children and dogs should be closely supervised. Following are some of the safety measures that parents or adults should teach a child when a dog is present:

  • Do not bother a dog if it is eating, sleeping or playing with a toy.
  • Do not go near a strange dog.
  • Do not go near a dog with puppies.
  • Do not pet a dog that is in a vehicle or enclosed by a fence. The dog may decide to defend its territory.
  • Do not pull a dog’s ears or tail. If petting is allowed, only use the flat of the hand.
  • Do not hug or kiss a dog.
  • Stay away from a dog’s face.
  • Ask permission from the owner before approaching a dog.

2016 California Dog Bite Fatalities Involving Children.

Across the nation, 31 dog bite fatalities occurred among all ages in 2016. Three of those fatalities were children who lived in California. Among the deaths was a 9-year-old boy from Linda, California. He was killed by three pit bulls after his sister left him alone in her trailer with them. An infant, just a few days old, was killed by a mixed breed/part pit bull in Stockton when his parents were in the home. Another infant, 3-days old, was killed in Fresno when her brother’s dog came in the house, grabbed the baby and took her outside and mauled her. The infant died later at a local hospital.

Injuries Caused by Dogs

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, because children are especially vulnerable to dog bites on the face. Because these are puncture wounds that can be deep, they may be susceptible to infection. Successful treatment for these types of wounds include skin debridement, antibiotic therapy and immunizations for tetanus and rabies. Other types of injuries can include the following:

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