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Polymerized Estrogen Can Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Polymerized Estrogen Can Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Recently, an article was published discussing a potential new treatment of spinal cord injuries called polymerized estrogen. This material has the potential to help countless people all over the world. Statistics that have been published show that more than 17,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury every year. If someone suffers a spinal cord injury, he or she is at risk of developing numerous complications. Unfortunately, once nerves in the spinal cord are damaged, they might not heal. This means that some of these complications are permanent.

Now, there might be a way to prevent this from happening. A team of researchers and developers recently announced that polymerized estrogen might be effective in treating spinal cord injuries. This provides hope to people everywhere.

Paralysis Following a Spinal Cord Injury

One of the most feared complications of a spinal cord injury is paralysis. The nerves that run from the brain through the spinal cord are like a superhighway. They carry motor commands from the brain through the spine and out to the arms and legs. These motor commands allow someone to move their arms and legs. If these nerves are damaged, paralysis can result.

Currently, there are very few treatment options to halt the damage that occurs to these nerves following an injury to the spine. There is also no cure. Now, researchers who recently published an article in Nature Communications believe they may have found an answer. It might even come in the form of a common bodily hormone called estrogen.

The Role of Polymerized Estrogen

Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered a new role for the common hormone. They say that estrogen is known to have the ability to protect the central nervous system. By polymerizing estrogen into a biomaterial that releases gradually, it can be applied to cells of the nervous system. Once in place, it will protect these cells and will promote their regeneration.

Following an injury to the spinal cord, there are a lot of dangerous materials that get released called free radicals. These free radicals can cause serious damage to the spine, potentially leading to paralysis. The goal of the polymerized estrogen is to stop the spread of these free radicals, protecting the delicate nerves in the spinal cord. This treatment would be applied in the acute phase directly following the time of injury.

Future Directions in the Development of Spinal Treatment

One of the major advantages of this treatment is that it is more precise. Other current treatments often spread to the entire body, impacting other organs and tissues that might lead to other side effects. This polymerized estrogen can be implanted directly on the spinal cord, where it is meant to work. Polymerized estrogen has already proven to be effective at both the protection and regeneration of neural tissue in the lab setting.

The next step is to move this treatment out of the lab and into the clinic. Their treatment is already in the process of receiving patent protection and approval. Without a doubt, polymerized estrogen has the treatment to change the lives of countless people who have suffered paralysis following a spinal cord injury. It will be exciting to watch this treatment continue to develop.

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