Placer County Semi Truck Carrying Pigs Catches Fire

Placer County Semi Truck Carrying Pigs Catches Fire

Reports from Placerville area California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that a semi-truck accident led to the deaths of several livestock animals on a local area highway during the evening of Sunday, May 12, 2019. The accident only involved one vehicle and, according to information from officials, no humans suffered any injuries because of the incident. CHP reports that they are still actively investigating possible causes of the accident.

Crash Details

According to officials, a large truck hauling around 200 pigs had been driving on Highway Interstate 80 just south of Auburn close to the intersection of Highway 49. One of the tires blew out at around 6:45 p.m. After the tire blew out, it reportedly caught fire. The driver immediately pulled over, but as he was doing so, another tire caught fire. The blaze eventually spread to the vehicle’s trailer.

The driver attempted to save the pigs by unloading them off of the burning truck, but could not save a number of animals from sustaining burns. Animal control officers reported that they needed to euthanize at least five of the burned pigs because of the severity of their injuries.

Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are a huge part of the California economy and, because of this, they are everywhere. Although the people who operate these vehicles are professionals, the sheer size of a semi truck means that there is a serious risk of major trauma in the event of an accident. When large trucks are involved in accidents, they are more likely to leave people with injuries that dramatically affect their lives. Furthermore, these vehicles are difficult to control because of their size and take more time and space to maneuver. This means that a roadway hazard or other issue can easily cause a trucking accident when a passenger vehicle could have avoided a crash.

Large trucks are usually owned by a company that operates a fleet of vehicles. These companies are very aware of the risks involved in operating a semi-truck and are typically ready to begin working on defending their interests right away and will send a legal team out to the accident site directly after a crash takes place. For this reason, dealing with the legal side of a trucking accident can be complicated and it is important to contact an Auburn trucking accident lawyer as soon as you can in order to know what the best course of action is.

Products Liability

In cases such as this one, where a vehicle part leads to an accident, those responsible for the defective part may be liable to pay for damages. This can be the case when the manufacturer, retailer, or seller of the vehicle part neglected to ensure that their product would not cause harm. If a product is found to be defective or dangerous, those responsible for supplying or making it can be considered negligent much like a reckless driver can be in cases involving vehicle accidents. To learn more about products liability, get in touch with a trusted personal injury lawyer for specific advice.

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