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Pilot Injured After Arcata Plane Crash

Pilot Hurt During Arcata Plane Crash

On Thursday, March 19, 2020, one person suffered injuries during an Arcata plane crash. The accident involved a small plane with a single occupant. While specific details about the man’s injuries were not reported, the plane pilot was reportedly transported to a nearby hospital following the incident. The crash is currently being investigated by local authorities.

Accident Information

The crash happened at around 11:14 a.m. in the area of Murray Field, where the small red plane took off from. The aircraft (an Ultra-Lite one-seater) reportedly traveled around 3000 feet before crash-landing in the nearby Arcata slough. Officials have not stated what they believe to have caused the crash.


Multiple agencies assisted with responding to the accident, including Fish and Wildlife, two engine companies, California Highway Patrol, Humboldt Bay Fire, the Eureka Police Department, and Humboldt County Airport Personnel. Responders reportedly found the pilot inside of the plane with injuries. The man was transported by a Fish and Wildlife vehicle out of the slough before being placed on a City Ambulance.

Humboldt Bay Fire reportedly issued a statement after the accident took place, reminding aircraft operators to make sure that they are wearing a restraining device such as the five-point harness that may have saved this pilot’s life.

Another Recent Area Plane Accident

This collision happened not long after another small plane crash in the area. The other collision happened on February 6, 2020, and also left one person with injuries. The accident involved a single-engine Cessna belonging to Redding Aero Enterprises that had been transporting a load of Amazon packages. The small plane was scheduled to land in Arcata but crashed in a mudflat near Woodley Island.

Accident Injuries

The injuries that people suffer during accidents can have a major effect on their lives. In accidents like this one, it’s common for plane occupants to suffer injuries such as:

All of these injuries can range in severity, but often mean facing a difficult recovery period. During recovery, it can be hard for crash survivors to participate in activities they care about or even perform their jobs. Not only does this cause mental stress, but it can also have a huge financial impact, making it even more difficult to pay for proper medical care.

Getting Help

Many people worry about how they will be able to recover financially following a serious accident. While these concerns are serious, it’s possible to get help by filing a personal injury claim. The compensation available through an injury claim can help people hold at-fault parties and/or insurance companies financially liable for their damages. By doing this, crash survivors can frequently claim payments for their medical bills as well as other damages like lost income and personal suffering.

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