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September 04, 2015
Edward Smith

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I have represented a great many people over the years injured in auto accidents and motorcycle accidents.  A very common, and unfortunate outcome of a physical injury is depression and anxiety.  It can be a vicious cycle.  Hurt people become depressed, and the depression amplifies the physical pain.

A sad and all too common outcome of injury from a motorcycle or auto accident is depression and anxiety.

Many medical studies have found a strong relationship between psychological symptoms and physical pain.

Studies including neck and back injury patients from car accidents and motorcycle accidents report frequent and major psychological  problems.  Even a great many whiplash victims report that the injury has a significant impact on social enjoyment.

Travel anxiety after a motor vehicle accident is largely unrecognized in clinical practice and has been seen clinically as an occasional neurotic problem.  After enduring a motor vehicle accident, many people associate car or motorcycle travel with with considerable distress.

Studies have also researched and correlated accident-related pain and high Post­ Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.  Studies show that patients with Accident/High PTSD had more self-reported pain and higher levels of affective disturbance.   Findings suggest that PTSD symptoms in chronic pain patients are associated with increased pain and affective distress. Accident related pain, even without the presence of PTSD symptoms, appears to be associated with greater disability.

The screening for and treat­ment of PTSD may be helpful in relieving pain and getting the patient back to a functional level of health.  A major and practical implication concerns the potential of interventions designed to reduce PTSD symptoms to impact affective disturbance, pain and disability among pain patients undergoing rehabilitation. Behavioral treatment approaches such as cognitive-behavior therapy, systematic desensitization and relaxation training are often employed in the treatment of chronic pain and have also been efficacious in reducing symptoms of PTSD.

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