Personal Injury Case Estimate

Personal Injury Case Estimate

Personal Injury Case Estimate

Personal Injury Case Estimate – Obtaining a personal injury case estimate is an important question for most people. If an accident caused monetary damage, recovery is essential. Many accidents, whether they are car or motorcycle crashes or a slip and fall, result in medical expenses, lost income or property damages, all of which need to be recovered. There are other types of damages too. Let’s take a detailed look at what damages are part of a personal injury case.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case Estimate

When we talk about damages, we are referring to the monetary loss an accident caused. For instance, a collision with another vehicle at an intersection may be caused by a reckless driver. The not-at-fault motorist, or plaintiff, may suffer serious injuries that add to the financial toll the accident takes. Some common losses people face are:

  • Loss of potential earnings, current or future, wages.
  • Medical expenses at the time of an accident and sometimes into the future.
  • Property damages due to an accident.

What Are Compensatory Damages?

Compensatory damages in a personal injury case estimate, represent the monetary amount needed to make the person whole again concerning the financial loss an accident caused them. To do that, it is necessary to translate the loss into a monetary amount. Some loss is relatively easy to do. For instance, the amount of money spent on medical treatment is listed on medical bills, receipts from prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines and costs for physical rehabilitation and doctor visits. The cost to repair or replace property lost in an accident is also a definitive amount as are lost wages from being unable to work. These are called economic damages. They are in contrast to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, disfigurement or loss of consortium. Such damages are not as easily quantified.

Noneconomic Damages in a Personal Injury Case Estimate

When calculating the noneconomic damages a person deserves to receive, there are a few hurdles that must be overcome. The base definition is the physical, mental and emotional pain an individual endures after being injured by a negligent party. Economic damages pay the bills and recover wages lost due to an accident. Noneconomic damages for the distress and pain the person undergoes.

For instance, individuals may experience pain when they attempt to do things that they enjoyed before the accident. These can be taking children to school, working, fixing dinner or relaxing with a spouse. In short, the joy is lessened by the pain. Engaging in group activities or being part of a sports team at work may no longer be possible, affecting the social interaction that was previously a way of life. Psychological and emotional problems related to the accident may significantly restrict a person’s life. By addressing such loss in a personal injury case estimate, a plaintiff will be compensated.

Punitive Damages

While not as common as economic and noneconomic damages, punitive damages may be an important part of a personal injury case. They are usually reserved for such egregious harm or negligence that it becomes necessary to take the negligent party to task. Punitive damages do not recover the loss, they are used to punish the person who commits such acts. For instance, someone who kills an innocent person when driving drunk may face punitive damages in a lawsuit. Another reason for such damages is to act as a deterrent.

How an Estimate Is Reached

Once an injury lawyer reviews an accident, he or she will be able to estimate the damages. Essentially, other than punitive damages, it is possible to have an idea what a case is worth. While the amount might change during the settlement process or during a court trial, the client is able to go into the case with an estimate of what the case is worth.

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