Pediatric Femoral Neck Fracture

 Pediatric Femoral Neck Fracture

Pediatric Femoral Neck Fracture

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova personal injury lawyer. In the world of femur fractures, some injuries are more severe than others. A medical team of professional orthopedics published statistics regarding femur fractures. The report found that:

  • Femur Fractures are Rising: The Journal of American Academic Orthopedic Surgeons estimates that more than a quarter of a million people sustain a femur fracture on a yearly basis. In a few decades, they expect this number to double.
  • Increases with Age: Based on information from orthopedic surgeons, femur fractures become more common as people get older. This is mainly due to osteoporosis, which is a problem that affects the elderly. A decrease in bone density makes bone fractures, such as femur and hip fractures, more common.
  • High-Energy Injuries: In the case of younger people, femur fractures tend to occur from high-energy events. These types of serious injuries can impact the growth of a child.

A Case Report: Femoral Neck Fracture in a Child

A case report was published regarding a child who had sustained a femoral neck and shaft fracture. The child was riding in the front passenger seat when their car was t-boned on his side. During the impact of the accident, his leg was pinned in between the seat and the door. Emergency personnel was called to the scene, and the child was extricated from the car. He was taken to a hospital for further evaluation. When he arrived, his leg was scanned with an x-ray and an MRI. They found that his leg had been broken in multiple places, including the femoral neck and shaft. He was taken to an operating room so his leg could be repaired. Unfortunately, there were problems with his recovery process.

Complications During the Recovery Process

The fracture that had occurred in his femur posed some different problems. Among these issues included:

  • Avascular Necrosis: The fracture of his femoral neck had led to avascular necrosis, the death of bone tissue. Some of the bone fragments from the fracture had damaged the blood supply to his femur. The bones were not receiving the nutrients that they needed to survive. This eventually led to him having a hip replacement.
  • Growth Issues: The other fractures of his femur had damaged the growth plate. In the medical world, this is called the epiphyseal plate. The damage to the plate meant that his leg did not grow with the rest of his body. This led to his legs growing to different lengths, making it hard to walk and play sports.

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