Pedestrian Injury on Stockton Boulevard

Pedestrian Injury on Stockton Boulevard

A pedestrian injury occurred in Florin on May 31 when a man crossing Stockton Boulevard was struck by a vehicle. The accident happened at around 4:00 in the afternoon along Stockton where it intersects with 66th Avenue. A caller into the California Highway Patrol (CHP), who apparently saw the accident happen, reported that it was a Toyota Highlander that had hit the walker. Traffic was stalled along Stockton Boulevard while authorities investigated the crash and emergency responders arrived. The injured pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment and evaluation.

Safety When Crossing the Street

Pedestrian accidents are becoming more common in the Sacramento area. While some are caused by negligence on the part of the walker, motorists are at fault for many. In the above accident, the intersection of Stockton Boulevard and 66th Avenue is equipped with traffic lights and marked crosswalks. It is also an intersection where the view is not obstructed, either to motorists or walkers. Still, accidents often happen at these types of intersections. Following are some of the reasons they occur:

  • Making turns: A motorist is at higher risk of causing a pedestrian injury when turning. Although right turns may be safer, making a left at an intersection can be more dangerous. Pedestrians can step off the curb to cross the street without realizing the driver coming toward them is turning. This is especially dangerous if the driver does not have their turn signal on or is speeding.
  • Speed: Some motorists speed up to pass through a yellow light before it turns red. Others can’t stop in time because of speeding and run the stop sign or red light. Either of these actions can cause a pedestrian injury.
  • Time of day: Late afternoon when glare may be in the driver’s eyes can prevent a motorist from seeing a pedestrian in the crosswalk. In addition, it is more difficult to spot a pedestrian after dark, especially if they are wearing darker colors.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted drivers may be talking to passengers, chatting on a cell phone, or listening to music on the radio. Anything that removes the driver’s focus from the task of driving can make them miss seeing a walker, which can end up causing a pedestrian injury.
  • Fatigued driving: Often, a pedestrian injury occurs late at night or during the early hours of the morning. This may be because the motorist is fatigued, has been drinking, or does shift work. A tired individual can fall asleep at the wheel. At the least, the driver is less alert than when fully awake.

Obtaining Compensation After a Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrians who are injured through another’s negligence are entitled to financial compensation for those injuries. In my view, no one should have to pay for injuries caused by someone else. Finding a lawyer who is experienced in pedestrian accidents is helpful when seeking advice. The attorney can answer your questions and review your accident to see if you have a case. Because personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, you pay nothing until your case has been won.

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