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Pedestrian Injury Occurs in Sacramento Semi Accident

Accident on El Centro Road Leaves Pedestrian Injured

A pedestrian injury occurred in Sacramento on October 11 when a man was struck by a white semi, which left the scene. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the accident occurred at a truck stop on El Centro Road around 8:02 in the evening. An officer with the CHP said the driver of the semi possibly didn’t know he had struck the pedestrian. However, it was reported as a hit-and-run with injuries.

Police Investigating Pedestrian Injury Accident 

Although the pedestrian was assessed by first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department, it was not reported whether he was treated at the accident scene or taken to a hospital for further treatment. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the accident to determine what happened and to locate the truck driver.

Regulations to Prevent a Truck Accident

State and federal regulations govern the operation of a big commercial truck to make it safer for the driver and for others sharing the roadway. Hours of service, required rest breaks, inspection of the vehicle, and other rules were set in motion to do just this. However, not all drivers or the companies that employ them operate by these regulations all the time and may cheat, which can end up causing a pedestrian injury or traffic accident.  

How Truck Accidents Are Caused by Negligence

An accident involving a big rig can either be the fault of the driver or the company that employs them. Common reasons a pedestrian injury can occur because of a big rig include:

  • The driver was fatigued from spending too long on the road.
  • The truck driver was distracted, which is the main reason for all types of accidents now. 
  • The trucker was impaired by taking medication or illegal substances to stay alert. 
  • The trucking company failed to maintain the truck properly, including repairs on items that weren’t up to standards.
  • The trucker was inexperienced and didn’t think to look for pedestrians before pulling out.
  • The area was not properly laid out to avoid a pedestrian injury.
  • Lighting was poor, which prevented the driver from seeing a walker in time to prevent a pedestrian injury.
  • The cargo was improperly loaded or overloaded, which led to a rollover or the driver’s truck going out of control. In these cases, the shipper, third-party, or company that did the loading may be liable for injuries. 

Pedestrian Accidents With Big Rigs

Because of the enormous size and weight of a big rig, serious injuries are common when someone is involved in an accident with one. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to injury or becoming a fatality statistic. A pedestrian who is injured by a negligent truck driver can place a claim for compensation for their injuries and the pain and suffering they endured. An experienced lawyer can help them obtain that compensation by investigating the pedestrian injury accident and gathering the evidence needed to support the client’s claim.

Truck Accident Investigations

We send investigators out to the site of the accident to gather evidence, which can prove fault and support the claim being made by our client. They look for camera footage, interview witnesses, and check the police report for mistakes. Accident reconstruction is also performed. Once the evidence is gathered, our lawyers use it to benefit our client’s case.

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