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Pedestrian Injury Accident Reported in La Riviera Area

Accident on Mira Del Rio Drive Caused Pedestrian Injury

A traffic accident on November 19 caused a pedestrian injury after that person was struck during the evening hours by a motor vehicle. The collision occurred in La Riviera around 9:09 p.m. at the intersection of Mira Del Rio Drive and Linda Rio Drive. According to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to the scene to assess injuries to the pedestrian. Afterward, that patient was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for additional evaluation and care. 

La Riviera Pedestrian Injury Accident Being Investigated

No information was provided on whether the vehicle that collided with the pedestrian remained at the scene or left before authorities arrived. The pedestrian injury accident is being investigated by authorities to find out how it happened and to assign fault.

Intersections Are a Common Location for a Pedestrian Injury Accident

Although a negligent pedestrian is the cause of a number of accidents with a motor vehicle, many of these collisions are caused by the driver. Even the most cautious pedestrian or driver can’t always avoid a collision. Some negligent behaviors at intersections committed by drivers of motor vehicles are:

  • Turning right without looking for a pedestrian or bicycle rider: Because a motorist in the process of making a right turn is usually looking left for oncoming traffic, they might forget to check to the right for the presence of a pedestrian or bicycle rider who is crossing.
  • Running a stop sign or red light: This is a common cause of a pedestrian injury accident. Since the pedestrian has just stepped off the curb or is in the process of legally walking in a crosswalk, it makes it difficult for them to get out of the way of a vehicle headed toward them.
  • Backing up accidents: Drivers can be negligent about checking behind them when backing out of a parking space or driveway. 
  • Driving too fast in areas where people are gathered: Speeding when near a school, church, or theater that is letting out or sports events can end up causing a pedestrian injury accident. Drivers have to exhibit caution in these areas, especially schools, since children are sometimes oblivious to traffic in the area.
  • Making a risky left turn: Some drivers are impatient when waiting at a turn arrow and may go through when it’s just turned red in order to avoid having to wait. Unfortunately, when that light turns red it also signals some pedestrians and bicycle riders that it is safe to cross, which can cause an accident.
  • Making a U-turn: U-turns, whether legal or illegal, can cause a pedestrian injury accident if there are people crossing the street at that location. 

When a driver who is negligent causes injuries to a pedestrian, the injured party may place a claim to recover compensation. That compensation can include all of the medical expenses associated with the crash, their lost wages, and for their pain and suffering. Over the years, my law firm has successfully handled many pedestrian injury accidents and can help by offering a free, no-obligation review of your case.

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