Redding Fatal Pedestrian Highway Crash Reported

Pedestrian Highway Crash on Highway 273

A fatal pedestrian highway crash occurred in Redding on September 7. The collision occurred around 8:20 in the evening along Highway 273 at Canyon Road. When arriving at the scene after receiving a report, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers said that upon arrival, they discovered a man lying under a Nissan Altima. The man was pronounced deceased at the scene by medics. 

Woman Runs Over Man in Road in Pedestrian Highway Crash

Officers say that a woman, 21, was going south in the Nissan when she spotted an object in the roadway. Although she tried to stop, she ran over it. After stopping in the center median to check what she had hit, she discovered she had run over a man’s body. 

Name of Deceased Pedestrian Pending Release

An investigation into the accident is ongoing by the CHP traffic crash investigation unit. Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be involved. The identity of the deceased pedestrian has not been released, pending notification of the family.

Hit-and-Run in a Pedestrian Highway Crash

In some cases where a pedestrian is struck when the driver flees the scene, another motorist might come along and hit the walker again. This is especially true if it is late at night and visibility isn’t good. The coroner can determine whether the pedestrian was alive or already deceased when they were struck.

Discovering the Identity of the Hit-and-Run Driver

If a hit-and-run driver was responsible for striking the pedestrian the first time, authorities will work to locate that vehicle and person to hold them responsible. An injury lawyer can help because they have the experience and resources to do so. When the driver is found, a wrongful death claim may be placed against them by the surviving family members. Some of the areas where evidence is collected to locate the driver include:

  • Investigators go to the accident scene as quickly as possible to gather evidence such as tread marks, dropped pieces of metal and paint, which can help identify the vehicle’s make and model.
  • The report issued by the police is examined for clues as to the vehicle involved.
  • The area is scoured for traffic, business or other surveillance cameras that could have caught the pedestrian highway accident on tape. If it was, that evidence can be subpoenaed. 
  • Anyone who witnessed the pedestrian highway crash will be interviewed to understand what they saw and the way the collision occurred. In some instances, a witness to the collision captured it on their cell phone. 

Insurance to Cover Compensation for the Fatality

When California drivers apply for auto insurance, they are offered an add-on policy that covers uninsured/underinsured motorists. This policy will cover injuries or fatalities even if the fleeing driver isn’t located. If the deceased pedestrian did not carry this insurance, but another member of the family does, it can be used. The rates of the policy remain unaffected.

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