Pedestrian Death in Del Paso Heights

Pedestrian Death in Del Paso Heights

Pedestrian Death in Del Paso Heights

I’m Ed Smith, a Del Paso Heights car accident lawyer. An elderly woman was walking in Del Paso Heights on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Unfortunately, the woman suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a vehicle.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the elderly woman during their time of grief.

What Happened?

Officers from the Sacramento Police Department reported that a woman, age 60, was allegedly walking across the street near Marysville Boulevard and Los Robles Boulevard outside the designated crosswalk. The woman was struck by a vehicle near Hagginwood Park. The vehicle driver stayed at the accident scene. Sadly, the woman was declared deceased by personnel with the fire department at the crash site. The driver is not suspected of being under the influence.

Pedestrian Accidents Among Older Americans

The aging population means that the incidence of pedestrian accidents might be increasing among older people. According to the Merck Manual, older people experience changes in vision, hearing, and declines in cognitive and physical ability. This makes them more likely to experience problems crossing busy streets. According to the most recent statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), there were 535 motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in 2015 in Sacramento County. Fifty-five of those incidents involved pedestrians that were 65 or older. This represented a large increase over the previous year where there were 440 fatalities and injuries with 48 being 65 or older.

Wrongful Death and Pedestrian Accidents

This type of accident is frequently caused due to a negligent driver, although the pedestrian may share in the fault by crossing outside the crosswalk or walking against the light. However, under California law, which is a pure comparative fault state, a percentage of the fault may be assigned to each. For example, a pedestrian may be assigned 20 percent of the fault, while the driver is assigned 80 percent. In cases such as these, the family of the decedent may still collect 80 percent of the compensation awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Tips for Pedestrians

Pedestrians may increase their safety while out and about by following the following tips:

  • Wear bright-colored clothing: This makes the walker more visible to traffic. After dark, stay away from dark colors and use reflective tape. Carrying a flashlight is also useful in indicating your presence to oncoming motorists.
  • Obey the law: Cross only at designated crosswalks and never in the middle of the street where drivers may not spot you.
  • Avoid distractions: Pedestrians can be just as guilty as drivers when it comes to texting or talking on a cell phone or listening to music while walking.
  • Avoid alcohol: People who have been drinking are more likely to get careless. According to the Automobile Association of America, 34 percent of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents had been drinking.
  • Walk where it’s safe: Do not walk in areas where it is prohibited such as along highways. Stick to sidewalks whenever possible. If you do have to go out into the street, face the traffic.
  • Make eye contact with drivers approaching the intersection. This is a good way to ensure that they see you.

Watch Youtube Video – Rising Trend in Pedestrian Deaths may be linked to pot, phone use. Many people are concerned about the increase in pedestrian deaths in the past year or two. This video talks about some of the possible reasons for the spike.

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