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Pedestrian Accident in North Highlands Injures Wheelchair User

Intersection Accident at Watt Avenue Involves Grocery Truck and Pedestrian in Wheelchair

A pedestrian accident happened in North Highlands on January 7 that involved a large truck and a disabled person. A Save Mart Supermarket diesel truck and an individual in a wheelchair collided, and that resulted in injuries. The accident was reported around 9:08 in the morning at the intersection of Watt Avenue and Milton Way. 

Additional Information About the Pedestrian Accident

According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the northbound lanes of Watt Avenue remained blocked while an investigation into the pedestrian accident was conducted and fault determined. The injured pedestrian was transported by first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for additional evaluation and treatment. The condition of the patient was not released.

Pedestrian Injuries on the Rise

The number of pedestrian injuries in Sacramento County and North Highlands has grown over the past decade. This is due to the increased number of walkers and drivers. However, motorists and pedestrians alike are not always aware of the problems they may face. 

Intersections are a prime example of how this plays out. Here, pedestrians, bicycle and scooter riders, motorcyclists, and motorists interact with one another. Because motorists are geared to look for other cars or trucks, they are often unaware of others who share the road. This can easily lead to a pedestrian accident or injuries to others.

Specific Dangers of Pedestrian Groups

Overall, pedestrians are at a disadvantage in an accident with a motor vehicle. However, pedestrians in wheelchairs, elderly walkers, and children are at a greater risk. This derives from the slow pace with which they navigate and their lack of visibility. Also, the timers at the crosswalk may be inadequate to allow the safe passage of these groups. 

The timers can be changed by the city based on the number and type of pedestrian who uses them in any given area. Many cities send personnel to monitor the crosswalk for this purpose. If the city or other government entity fails to do this, it is possible to include them in a lawsuit by an injured pedestrian. 

Investigation Into a Pedestrian Accident

At our firm, we recognize the complexities of a pedestrian accident in an intersection. Our investigators are sent to the accident site to determine how and why the collision happened. As usual, they interview witnesses, obtain video renditions of the incident, and use accident reconstruction techniques to grasp the totality of the crash.

Extra Investigatory Steps in a Pedestrian Accident

However, in a pedestrian accident, there are additional steps that must be taken. Traffic crossing lights in the area need to be inspected to determine if steps were taken to allow enough time for all pedestrians to cross safely. The number of previous pedestrian accidents should be analyzed, which can indicate whether this type of accident has happened frequently in the past in this location. 

It is necessary to examine the area to see if drivers and pedestrians alike have access to the visibility that is necessary for safety. This includes trimming of overhanging branches that obscure traffic signals or signs, shrubs that can keep a motorist from seeing a pedestrian stepping off the curb, and poor lighting. 

Taken together, all of this evidence can be used to support the client’s claim and build a strong case against the defendant. 

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