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December 15, 2023
Edward Smith

Pedestrian Accident on Bangs Avenue in Modesto

The CHP reported a vehicle versus pedestrian accident in the area of Spyres Way and Bangs Avenue in Modesto on December 8, 2023. The crash occurred shortly after 10:20 a.m., officials said.

Details on the Pedestrian Accident on Bangs Avenue in Modesto

A preliminary release indicated that an individual on foot was allegedly struck by a motor vehicle. Fire crews and medical personnel responded to the crash site to assist. The incident was reported as a major injury traffic collision by the CHP. Additional details have not yet been released as an investigation is ongoing by officials.

Seeking Financial Recovery in a Pedestrian Accident Injury Case

Pedestrian accidents often result in physical injuries and psychological trauma, and not all these injuries are immediately evident. Following the incident, adrenaline may mask the severity of an injury. Furthermore, symptoms of underlying conditions may not present immediately, such as a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. It is advisable to seek immediate medical treatment following a crash. Medical records establishing the injury and connecting it with the incident are essential in a personal injury claim. Without medical records and other evidence, it may be challenging to bring a strong case.

Getting into a traffic collision as a pedestrian may profoundly affect your life. It is a challenge to seek full compensation from the insurance company representing the at-fault party or your insurer through uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This is even more stressful to handle while recovering from psychological trauma and physical injuries from the incident while managing financial concerns like mounting medical bills and wage loss. This further highlights the importance of retaining legal counsel. The right attorney will support you and advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Insurance companies often resort to defense tactics to reduce payouts. However, the right personal injury lawyer will know how to deal with difficult insurance carriers, identify their strategies, and overcome their defense tactics. An experienced attorney will stop at nothing to obtain the full compensation their client deserves in their pedestrian accident case for medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages. Regardless of your circumstances, our legal team at can assist you in obtaining maximum recovery, whether that be through an insurance settlement or court-ordered award.

Deadline in Accident Cases in California

Rebuilding your life following a car versus pedestrian crash may seem daunting. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your future, including challenges that may come your way. By having an experienced attorney on your side, you can find some relief. Our legal team is prepared to manage your case, help you rebuild your life, and provide the compassionate support you need. Remember that you have a maximum of two years to take legal action. Exceptions may apply. Therefore, it is in your best interest to contact a skilled attorney near you to understand your options through a free consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Modesto

When two vehicles are involved in a collision, the occupants benefit from safety features, such as crumple zones, airbags, and seat belts. These are designed to offset the force of the impact and minimize harm to motor vehicle occupants. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have the same levels of protection that a car offers. When a car crashes into a pedestrian, it is often the pedestrian who is left with traumatic injuries. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your wage loss, medical bills, and other relevant losses.

Since 1982, our legal team at has represented clients in many types of accident cases, including vehicle versus pedestrian collisions. We are here to help you and obtain the maximum recovery you need and deserve. Our personal injury lawyers serving Modesto invite you to schedule a free consultation today at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400. We are available to take your call, listen to your story, and provide case advice that is friendly and free. Our legal team is prepared to handle all aspects of your case, from investigation to insurance negotiation and taking your case to court if necessary.

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