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Patella Fracture and the Knee

Patella Fracture of the Knee

Patella Fracture and the Knee

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento personal injury lawyer. The knee plays an integral role in the movement and support of the lower extremities. A fracture in the patella could lead to serious problems with these vital functions.

What is a Patella Fracture of the Knee?

The patella is also called the kneecap and covers the location where the femur, tibia, and fibula all meet. This location is supported by a significant number of ligaments that work together to create the hinge joint that people use in walking and standing. A bone fracture of the kneecap is called a patella fracture and can lead to some significant complications.

Mechanism of Injury

traumatic injury can occur in the front of the knee in any number of accidents. These are common in contact sports, such as football, as well as with dashboard knee in an auto accident. There are several other ways that someone could suffer a patella fracture, such as in a slip and fall injury.

Treatment of a Patella Fracture of the Knee

The treatment of this injury will start with a proper diagnosis on imaging, such as an x-ray. After this, patients will need to have their knee immobilized for several weeks to allow the bones to heal properly. During this time, patients will be given crutches or a wheelchair and taught how to use both. After several weeks, patients can start to bear weight again with assistance as they learn to walk on their repaired knee.

Complications can Happen

Patients who suffer a patella fracture are at risk for several comorbidities, such as the inability to walk properly in the future. This is why early diagnosis is critical to a successful recovery.

Ancillary Structures are Vulnerable

The most significant structures that are at risk are the cruciate ligaments (the ACL and PCL) along with the collateral ligaments (the MCL and LCL). Injuries to these ligaments will most likely require surgery to fix.

Differential Diagnosis

When someone has a knee fracture, there are numerous other injuries that should be considered and sought out. Examples of these injuries include:

Injury Prognosis

The prognosis for this injury is heavily dependent on the size of the fracture and the presence or absence of damage to the knee ligaments. Therefore, each prognosis should be discussed individually with a medical provider.

Some Need Surgery

If the fracture has been displaced, surgery will be needed to correct the position of the bones. If there are tears in the associated ligaments of the knee, these will be diagnosed on imaging and repaired surgically as well.

Contact an Experienced Patella Fracture Attorney

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