Oxnard Multi-Vehicle Front-End Crash on Highway 1


Oxnard Multi-Vehicle Front-End Crash on Highway 1

I’m Ed Smith, an Oxnard personal injury lawyer. A multi-vehicle collision on Highway 1, along the coastline, on Tuesday, May 2, caused one injury that required emergency care in Oxnard. The southbound lane of Highway 1 was closed for about 30 minutes as a result, while the accident was cleared. My thoughts and sympathy go out to the injured with wishes for a speedy recovery in this trying time.

What Happened

Three vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred shortly before 9:00 in the morning along the highway as it passes Mugo Rock. Officials with the California Highway Patrol reported major damage to the front end of all the vehicles involved in the incident. The occupant of one of the vehicles was reported by officials of the fire department in Ventura County as requiring medical assistance and was subsequently taken to an Oxnard medical center for treatment.

Accidents Are Common Along the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is known for its beauty but can be dangerous because it is a two-lane road with little room for mistakes and has sharp turns, drop-offs and few guardrails. For these reasons, it is considered a dangerous road to drive on. Accidents along this road can also result in severe injuries because it is narrow and has no shoulders, which makes it difficult to avoid a crash.

Ventura County Accident Statistics

In 2014, 4,117 fatalities and injuries occurred from motor vehicle crashes in Ventura County. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, of this total, alcohol was deemed a factor in 367 of the crashes and speeding a factor in 1,035.

Front-End Accidents

Crash tests are used to determine the extent of injury when a crash happens. In the past, only head and chest injuries were measured to provide information leading to a specific star rating. Today, measurements are made focusing on the legs, head, neck and chest. This broader method gives a more realistic view of potential damages.

When manufacturers neglect evidence of poor crash ratings, consumers can be affected adversely. In addition, poor deployment of airbags or defective airbags may cause a manufacturer to be considered negligent.

Accident Injuries

Front-end collisions are common, as evidenced by the accident at Mugo Rock, and can cause different types of traumatic injuries. From abdominal injuries, bone fractures and dashboard knee to facial fractures and traumatic brain injuries, the victim may face a long recuperative period in addition to hospitalization and other expenses. For some unfortunate souls, their lives may change forever. Emotional injuries may also occur such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and can cause recurring nightmares or sleepless nights, anxiety and other symptoms.


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