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November 25, 2019
Edward Smith

One Killed in Tracy Single Vehicle Accident

One person was killed, and another was injured in a single-vehicle accident near Tracy on the morning of November 23, 2019. The crash occurred around 9:00 a.m. along a dirt area just south of Grant Line Road and east of Hansen Road. Officers from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said a vehicle carrying two people overturned into a ditch. The impact of the collision reportedly caused both the driver and passenger to be ejected from the car. First responders were called to the scene where they found one of the parties underneath the vehicle. One of the individuals, believed to be the driver, suffered unknown internal injuries due to the car accident. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, the 18-year-old passenger succumbed to their injuries at the scene. Officials have withheld the identity of the decedent until their family members have been notified.

Loss of a Loved One in a Car Accident

Nothing is as traumatic or devastating as losing someone you love unexpectedly in a car wreck. This is especially true when that loss was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another. In times like these, you and your family may benefit from speaking with a Tracy wrongful death lawyer about the incident, and your options for moving forward. An experienced attorney will know the best way to proceed with your case and how to identify any negligent parties to ensure you and your family are fully compensated for your loved one’s death.

Who is Responsible for a Tracy Single Vehicle Accident Fatality?

A fatal single-vehicle accident is often assumed to be a result of driver error. However, that is not always the case. Such crashes may occur due to negligence on the part of a government entity, automaker, or hit and run driver. A government entity may be to blame for a loved one’s wrongful death in an auto accident that is caused by a road defect, such as lack of guardrails, insufficient warning signage, and potholes. An automaker may be responsible for a fatal car wreck that is caused by a vehicle defect, like insufficient roof crush resistance in a rollover accident. An experienced lawyer can examine the vehicle roof and determine whether it is in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216, which regulates roof crush resistance in a rollover. If a hit and run driver is to blame for a single-vehicle accident, an attorney can retain crash reconstruction experts and forensic specialists for the case. These experts can track down negligent drivers and prove their liability to help substantiate your wrongful death case.

How is Wrongful Death Proven in a Car Accident?

Specific elements must be proven in a wrongful death claim to recover compensation. These include a duty of care owed to the decedent, a breach of that duty, causation, and damages suffered by the family. Some of the common types of damages that come from wrongful death cases include:

  • Any funeral and burial expenses may be recovered by the relative who paid for them
  • Children’s loss of parental guidance, instruction, and companionship
  • Lost prospective net accumulation of the estate
  • Medical bills incurred for treatment received by the decedent before he or she passed away
  • Mental anguish caused by the wrongful death car accident
  • Survivors’ loss of affection, guidance, love, and protection
  • The value of future financial support for the family

No amount of money can bring back the love and comfort your family member provided. However, fair compensation from a wrongful death claim can allow you and your family to grieve and recover from your loved one’s death without financial worry. For a brief overview of these types of cases, watch the below video.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

The California Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.60 states that the parties who are eligible to file a wrongful death claim include the surviving spouse, domestic partner, or children of the deceased. Others who relied on the decedent for financial support may also be eligible for wrongful death damages, including parents, putative spouses, stepchildren, and children of the putative spouse. If you are unsure whether you qualify to file for wrongful death, reach out to an experienced attorney.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Tracy

I’m Ed Smith, a Tracy wrongful death lawyer. An unexpected death may affect a family in profound ways. The financial, mental, and emotional ripples of a loved one’s death may last for years. This is why when a family member is killed due to the negligence of another, California law allows surviving relatives to hold the at-fault party financially accountable. If this has happened to you and your family, please call me at (209) 227-1931 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400. I am here to provide free, friendly, and compassionate advice for you and your family during this difficult time.

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