One Killed in Stanislaus County Crash

One Killed in Stanislaus County Crash

One person was killed in a Stanislaus County crash on the afternoon of May 19, 2019. The car accident occurred at approximately 3:00 p.m. along Highway 132 at Hayward Road, just east of La Grange. The collision involved two cars, one described in the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report as a newer-model blue sedan and the other as a blue Subaru. Dispatchers were notified that one of the vehicles caught fire which spread to a nearby field. Four people were transported to a hospital in Turlock while one other was airlifted to a hospital in Modesto. The Stanislaus County Coroner’s Office was called to the scene shortly after the accident and confirmed one person was killed. Officials identified the decedent as Sheila Faye Arndt, a 72-year-old resident of La Grange. We would like to take the time to send our condolences to the friends and family of Ms. Arndt in their time of loss.

Common Reasons for Auto Accidents

Car wrecks are usually the result of driver error. Some of the most common reasons for these collisions include:

  • Distracted Driving: Whenever a motorist is not aware of their surroundings, this creates a danger for the driver and others on the road. Distracted driving includes talking or texting on a cell phone, speaking with a passenger, and adjusting the radio.
  • Drunk Driving: Alcohol consumption can impair cognitive and coordination skills, both necessary for safe driving. An intoxicated motorist can put everyone in danger since they are more likely to take risks and exhibit aggressive behavior toward others on the road.
  • Failure to Follow Traffic Laws: Conducting unsafe lane changes, ignoring stop signs, and running red lights all contribute to traffic collisions.
  • Speeding: Many severe car wrecks are caused by motorists who are driving too fast for road or weather conditions or above the posted speed limit. Drivers who adjust their speed to existing conditions can reduce their chances of a collision.

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are few things as traumatic as being injured in an auto accident. Injuries commonly suffered in a car crash can be painful such as lacerations, bone fractures, head trauma, and spinal cord injury. More severe injuries include nerve damage and paralysis. Internal trauma suffered in a collision can lead to wrongful death in some extreme cases.

What Damages Can Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Claim?

A claim for wrongful death can be filed when a loved one is killed due to the misconduct or negligence of another person or entity. Filing this claim will allow surviving family members to obtain compensation for these economic and noneconomic damages:

  • Any medical bills associated with the accident that claimed a loved one’s life
  • Expenses for a loved one’s funeral and burial
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of benefits like pension or other retirement benefits
  • Lost future earnings from the deceased
  • Mental anguish and emotional suffering
  • The reasonable value of household services the decedent provided

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case?

California law is specific on who is eligible to file for wrongful death. Those who can bring a wrongful death action include the spouse, domestic partner, or children of the decedent. If these parties do not exist, then those who were financially dependent on the deceased for at least 50 percent may be eligible to file. These include stepchildren, parents, or unrelated minors.

How Long Do I Have to File for Wrongful Death?

There is a limit on the length of time allowed to file for wrongful death. This is known as the statute of limitations. In California, a claim must be filed within two years from the date of death. If the case is not filed within the deadline, it is likely that it will be dismissed by the court and the right to recover compensation may be lost.

Should I Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Insurance companies often use tactics to settle wrongful death claims for the least amount of money possible. This can limit the amount of fair compensation a family would be entitled to otherwise. Having an experienced wrongful death lawyer at your side during the claims process is critical. An attorney will work to protect your best interests and that of your family while you focus on healing from your loss.

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