Older Man Suffers Serious Injuries in Novato Traffic Crash

Pedestrian Walking on Bolling Drive Struck and Injured by Vehicle

An older pedestrian was hit by a car in Novato on August 13 and suffered major injuries in the traffic crash. The accident happened at about 6:50 p.m. along Bolling Drive close to the Marin Valley Drive intersection. The pedestrian was walking across Bolling Drive when the accident happened. The Novato Police Department reported that the injured pedestrian, age 70, was taken to a hospital for treatment and additional evaluation. 

Bolling Drive Shut Down for Hours During Traffic Crash Investigation

Bolling Drive remained closed for about four hours afterward while an investigation was conducted by police. Although the pedestrian injury is still being investigated, neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have been a factor in the accident. The Novato Police Department is requesting that anyone with information about the accident contact them at (415) 897-4361.

Can I Recover Compensation After a Traffic Crash?

Because pedestrians are the most vulnerable to injuries in a traffic crash, serious trauma to them is common, resulting in high medical expenses and other losses. Negligent drivers are a common cause of injuries to pedestrians, and when their negligence is involved, the injured walker may be able to recover compensation either through the at-fault party’s insurance company or by taking the case to civil court. 

What Types of Compensation Can Be Recovered?

The most common question I am asked after a crash is what damages am I entitled to? Damages can be divided into two types. In economic damages, specific losses are covered, such as medical expenses. Other types of damages, such as pain and suffering, deal with non-economic losses. Here are some of the damages you may be able to collect:

  • Lost wages: You may be able to recover your lost wages due to the accident. All wages, commissions, insurance, and pension benefits, along with other earnings, are included in this calculation. If the accident affects your future earnings, then this is factored in.
  • Medical expenses: Among the biggest expenses are medical costs, especially if the pedestrian’s injuries are severe. A compensation claim covers current as well as future expenses if your injury is ongoing and expected to continue into the future. Treatment in an emergency room, your hospital stay, medicines, physician bills, physical therapy, and other expenses are recoverable. 
  • Pain and suffering: This category not only refers to the physical pain and suffering you endured due to your accident, but includes the emotional and psychological trauma. It isn’t uncommon for those who have been injured in a traffic crash to suffer anxiety, nightmares, and other adverse effects. In some people, it progresses to post-traumatic stress disorder. If an injured pedestrian requires professional treatment for their psychological and emotional stress following their accident, that is recoverable also.

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