Oakland Deadly Warehouse Fire

Oakland Deadly Warehouse Fire

Deadly Warehouse Fire in Oakland

On 2 December, a fire broke out during a concert at the Oakland Ghost Ship, a warehouse in the Oakland Fruitvale neighborhood. Authorities have located 36 bodies, and the death toll is expected to rise as fire crews search the remaining 30 percent of the structure.

Details of the Event

This tragic event began as a concert for the Los Angeles-based electronic music label 100% Silk. Advertised on social media, responses indicate that 70 people and musicians were present at the time of the fire.

Watch YouTube video, Death Toll Rises In Oakland Warehouse Fire:

He has learned from this video that the back of the building appears to be the point of origin for the fire. Names of the victims are not yet being released due to family member notification first. A support center has been set up at 2425 West 12th Street in Oakland. The ATF is heading up the investigation into the cause. The search for additional bodies and the cause of the fire is slow-going because the building is unstable. For more information, please watch the YouTube video courtesy of Youtube/KPIX 5 news.

Concert-goers Believed Smoke was Part of the Show

Details of what happened are scarce, but survivors recount horrific tales of flames and panic. The fire engulfed part of the warehouse before being detected by concert-goers, as many initially believed the smoke was part of the show. Panic then set in as people rushed to exit the building through two emergency exits in a space without emergency lighting.

Witness Accounts – Fire Spread Rapidly

Eyewitnesses report that the fire spread rapidly, leaving those trapped inside with little time to evacuate. By the time fire crews arrived, the structure was fully involved. However, fire crews were able to stop the fire before it spread to other local warehouses.

Cause of the Fire

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department arson task force, the Oakland Police Department, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

What Factors Contributed to Oakland’s Deadly Warehouse Fire?

Although the cause is unknown, several factors contributing to the high death toll are known. Firstly, the Oakland Ghost Ship was a home to many artists and a venue for parties and events. Former residents report rigged generators and hot plates throughout the building, with exposed wires hanging over stairwells. The city of Oakland actively investigated the building for building code violations because of this.

How Many Victims of the Oakland Deadly Warehouse Fire?

The total victim count is unknown now, as rescue and recovery efforts had to be stopped because of the structural instability. So far, thirty-six people are confirmed dead, while the count of injured people is unknown. Those who did survive the fire likely sustained smoke inhalation, burns, and crush injuries.

Common Injuries in Fires

Most fire injuries are caused by the smoke, not the flames themselves. Smoke inhalation can cause severe irritation of a person’s airways, resulting in swelling. Many of those who died in the Oakland fire likely died due to smoke inhalation. Many of those who escaped the fire or lived in the surrounding area also likely suffered from smoke inhalation, just to a lesser degree.

Many survivors also likely sustained first and second-degree burns characterized by redness, pain, and blisters. Some victims may have even sustained third-degree burns. Tragically, identification of those who died in the fire will likely be delayed by severe third and even fourth-degree burns sustained after their death.

High-Occupancy Building Fires: Oakland Ghost Ship

In fires in high-occupancy buildings like the Oakland Ghost Ship, many injuries are also caused by the frantic evacuation of the building. In these panicked situations, other people crush many people, resulting in broken wrists, legs, rib fractures, other torso injuries, and head and back injuries.

If You Have Been Impacted by Oakland Deadly Warehouse Fire

There are many victims in this horrific tragedy, from those who suffered burns and other injuries to the family members and friends of those who tragically lost their lives. If you or a loved one was injured in the above blaze, call an experienced attorney immediately to recover compensation for your burn injuries and/or wrongful death.

We send our sympathy to the family members of those who passed away in this tragic fire. We also send our best wishes and hope for a full recovery to those who have suffered injuries.

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