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April 11, 2024
Edward Smith

Three Hospitalized in North Highlands Vehicle Crash on Jackson Street

A North Highlands crash between two vehicles on April 10 sent three people to the hospital. According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials, the collision occurred at the Jackson Street intersection with Madison Avenue at about 8:05 p.m. The vehicle contained minors, one of whom was driving. 

Juvenile Running Red Light Causes North Highlands Vehicle Crash

Officers said the juvenile driver ran a red light and crashed into another car. The driver then left the scene and crashed into another vehicle before stopping in a parking lot nearby. One of the juveniles suffered a broken leg, as did the woman driving one of the cars they struck. 

One Minor Flees Accident Scene

Although two of the minors remained at the scene, the third fled. Authorities do not believe the minors had stolen the vehicle. The CHP traffic collision unit is handling the investigation into the accident.

When Minors Cause an Accident With Injuries

When a minor causes a North Highlands vehicle crash that results in injuries, their parents or guardians may be held responsible financially. This is also true if a passenger in the vehicle driven by the minor suffers injuries. An accident lawyer can examine the case, collect the evidence that supports the injured party’s claim and handle the negotiations with the insurance company. 

Recovering Compensation After an Accident Injury

In California, parties injured by a negligent driver or other entity have two years to file a personal injury claim. However, because physical evidence and witnesses can disappear in that period, contacting an injury lawyer soon after the accident can make a difference in whether or not their claim is successful. Damages that may be recovered include the following:

  • Wages: Many people who are injured in a North Highlands vehicle crash are unable to work while they are recovering. Any wages they lost while unable to continue their employment are recoverable, including perks such as pension and insurance benefits, bonuses, tips, etc. If you cannot return to your previous job because of your injury and have to take one that pays less, the difference in wages is recovered. If you suffer a permanent disability, you recover the wages until retirement age.
  • Medical: Any medical costs that arise because of your accident injury are recoverable, from hospitalization and ambulance fees to surgeries and doctors’ fees and rehabilitative care. If your injury is still under treatment at the time of settlement or more care is needed, the lawyer will calculate those costs and include them. 
  • Pain and suffering: You can receive compensation for the physical and emotional suffering the accident caused. 

To assist in your search for legal support, here are some guidelines provided by Ed Smith:


North Highlands Auto Accident Attorney

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