North Highlands Vehicle Accident Takes Down Power Poles

Solo Vehicle Accident at Walerga Road Intersection

A solo vehicle accident in North Highlands on April 1 caused minor injuries to the driver when they struck a fence and knocked down two power poles. The collision happened at the Walerga Road intersection with Larchmont Drive just after 11:00 a.m. The incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said one of the power poles landed on top of the driver’s Jeep. 

SMUD Called in to Make Repairs

Another light pole was left blocking all the northbound lanes on Wallerga Road. A crew with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District was called to the scene to make repairs. In the meantime, the intersection lights at Wallerga and Kirby were out from the accident. The CHP is conducting an investigation to discover why the solo vehicle accident happened.

A Single-Vehicle Accident Investigation

Our experienced investigators often deal with single-vehicle crashes, which are complicated affairs. In many cases, the driver of the solo vehicle is so injured that he or she cannot explain what happened. To determine who caused the accident, it is necessary to examine the vehicle involved in the accident for marks that may indicate someone else was involved. A video recording from surveillance cameras nearby can provide a powerful tool for determining what really happened.

In addition to speaking to witnesses, we review the police report for errors that need to be corrected. Also, our investigators conduct accident reconstruction to ascertain the movements of the vehicle prior to, during and after the accident. An obvious indication of this would be if the driver was trying to avoid another vehicle or road obstruction.

Auto Defects Can Lead to a Collision 

Furthermore, our investigators examine the vehicle for any signs of defects. This is why preserving the vehicle after an accident is so important. This is something that only experts can do, which is why we make sure to cover all bases. Important defects in a vehicle may be due to a sticking accelerator, brake or engine failure or a host of other causes. However, when a defect causes the driver to lose control of their vehicle, they may face serious injuries. When a defect is found to have caused a vehicle accident, an auto product liability claim may be placed. 

Government Roadway Negligence

Our investigators conduct an investigation to determine whether the government agency in charge of roads has neglected or not repaired the roadway. If roadway problems such as potholes, poorly functioning traffic lights and others cause an accident, that government entity may be liable for injuries. The time in which an injured person can file a claim is six months. Getting assistance from an injury lawyer can ensure the paperwork is filed correctly and deadlines are met. 

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