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March 01, 2019
Edward Smith

Negligent Pedestrian Causes Accident

In a bizarre twist, a Sacramento negligent pedestrian caused a two motor vehicle collision that resulted in the injury of at least one person. The pedestrian was not injured in the accident, which happened on February 27 along State Route 99. The accident happened when an adult male ran across the road from the right-hand side to the center divide in front of oncoming traffic. According to the police report, the pedestrian walked away from the scene of the accident along southbound SR 99. The accident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to determine what happened.

Accident Details

According to the report, the negligent pedestrian accident happened at around 9:38 in the morning just north of the Fruitridge Road off-ramp between a Toyota and Nissan Altima. It appears as though the driver of the Nissan stopped suddenly because of the pedestrian, and the Toyota struck this vehicle in the rear, sustaining significant front end damage. Tow trucks were called to the scene of the negligent pedestrian accident to remove both vehicles. An ambulance was called to transport at least one person to a nearby hospital for medical assistance. The extent of those serious injuries was not reported.

Neglecting the Duty of Care

Pedestrians, as well as motorists, are expected to exercise a duty of care toward others. This means that they should be cautious in order to prevent accidents. When pedestrians are negligent, they can be responsible for a motor vehicle accident that causes injuries to others. These injuries can include:

How Negligent Pedestrians Can Cause Accidents

Although the majority of traffic accidents involving pedestrians are caused by motorists, there are instances in which the negligent pedestrian is at fault. In these instances, the driver may be able to place a claim against the negligent pedestrian for personal injury damages. Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out if you have a claim is a good idea in these instances. Some of the ways that a pedestrian may be at fault and cause an accident include:

  • Crossing in areas such as busy roads or highways
  • Crossing against the traffic lights
  • Stepping out in front of a vehicle without looking first for oncoming traffic
  • Being outside of the crosswalk, or crossing in places where it is unexpected
  • Walking in areas where pedestrians are prohibited such as along highways or bridges

Advice From an Injury Lawyer

The assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer can be helpful when you’ve been in an accident and have suffered injuries. The lawyer can help by working with the insurance company to see that you get the compensation you need. When an injury causes chronic or continued medical costs, that lawyer can build a strong case for compensation to cover present and future expenses.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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