The Role of a Neck Brace Following a Motorcycle Accident

Neck Brace Can Help with Recovery after an Injury

If someone is involved in a motorcycle collision, there is a much higher chance of injuries occurring when compared to accidents involving passenger vehicles. This is because there is a serious lack of protection between the rider and the external environment. In a passenger vehicle, airbags, seatbelts, and a metal frame separate passengers from the pavement. There is no such protection available for motorcycle riders.

Head, neck, and spinal cord injuries are among the most common ailments that someone might sustain in a motorcycle accident. A neck brace might be used to stabilize individuals who have suffered all of these injuries. Understanding how a neck brace works can help someone recover following a severe motorcycle accident.

Head, Neck, and Spinal Cord Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Everyone needs to protect themselves while riding a motorcycle. This includes wearing a helmet. The job of a helmet is to distribute potential impact away from the head and neck area. Prior research studies have shown that helmets can be effective at preventing serious or even fatal injuries.

Unfortunately, helmets cannot protect everything. In high-speed accidents, if a rider collides with the pavement or another vehicle, serious injuries involving the head, neck, and spinal cord might occur. These injuries can lead to permanent nerve damage. A neck brace plays a vital role in helping someone avoid these severe complications.

How a Neck Brace Works

When emergency responders arrive at the scene of a severe accident, the first step is to check everyone involved for potentially life-threatening injuries. Someone in a motorcycle accident might have injuries involving the head, neck, or spinal cord. If the emergency team suspects this as a possibility, a neck brace will be applied immediately. The job of this brace is to stabilize the head and neck area until certain injuries are ruled out.

The brace can prevent accident victims from moving their head or neck area. If someone has suffered a severe spinal cord injury, neck movement can worsen the damage. If the vertebrae of the spine are unstable, neck movement might shift bone fragments out of place. Even worse, this movement might also lead to further spinal cord damage. A brace is used to prevent this movement and avoid this damage.

After Imaging Procedures

Once the neck brace is in place, the individual will be transported to the hospital for further evaluation. The brace will likely stay in place until imaging procedures are done. The doctor might perform a CT scan or an MRI to take a better look at the head, neck, and spinal cord. The physician will look for any signs of nerve damage within the brain or spinal cord. The radiologist will also look for signs of vertebral fractures.

If these injuries have been ruled out, the brace will be removed. However, if nerve damage is diagnosed, further procedures might be necessary.

Treatment of Serious Head and Neck Injuries

In some cases, individuals might need surgery to correct their neck area. Some of the common reasons why surgery might be necessary include displaced bone fractures and spinal cord compression. After surgery, the individual might need to continue to wear a neck brace. This brace can help relieve pain and keep the neck stable as it heals. The brace plays a critical role in the recovery process from start to finish.

Watch YouTube Video: 5 Benefits of Using Neck Brace or Cervical Collars. This video demonstrates five benefits of using a neck brace following an injury.

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