National Bike Month Comes to Sacramento

Celebrate the Joy of Biking 

National Bike Month has been celebrated around the nation since 1956 and shows the benefits of bicycling from commuting to work and school, getting great exercise and just enjoying your surroundings. Because of the ongoing pandemic, riders are discouraged from partnering up with friends this year, but this doesn’t mean Sacramento residents can’t enjoy participating in special bicycling events to celebrate. Staying home but active is important, so the bike miles a participant logs are encouraged to be from their indoor or stationary bikes.

Organizing Bike Month

Sacramento is celebrating “May is Bike Month” by inviting participants to create their free profile on the website, where they will be asked to make a pledge on how many rides they will take and how many miles they will bike during the month of May. In the past, organizers arranged big group events to encourage people to ride their bikes. This year, the organizers are still offering special events throughout May, complete with participation badges and games such as bingo, scavenger hunts, the tie-dye ride and a challenge titled “May the 4th be with you.” This way, groups can still participate. 

Riding a Bike Has Multiple Benefits

Riding a bicycle on a regular basis carries plenty of benefits. It improves the mobility of your joints, increases your cardiovascular fitness, burns calories and more. In addition, it helps the community by lowering traffic congestion and area pollution. In the Sacramento area, more than 2 million miles have been pledged by local riders, but there is still time to sign up for Bike Month activities. 

Register Your Bike

The Ride On campaign, organized by the Sacramento Police Department, wants to help keep your bicycle safe, so riders are encouraged to register their rides. That way, if a bicycle is stolen, there is a much better chance of having it returned. The police department recently reported around 50 bikes that had been recovered and were in storage. Riders who had their bikes registered will undoubtedly be happy to get them back, but it is more difficult to find the owners of unregistered rides. 

Investigation of a Bicycle Accident

A thorough investigation of a bicycle accident to gather evidence in favor of a client’s claim is necessary for them to obtain the compensation they need. Our investigators are experienced in doing just that. Some of the areas they investigate might include:

  • Checking the police report for errors
  • Interviewing witnesses for corroborating statements
  • Gathering forensic evidence by performing accident reconstruction
  • Looking for cameras in the area such as those mounted on traffic lights and local businesses that might have captured the accident on tape
  • Looking for damage to roads and lack of government maintenance that might have caused the accident injury
  • Investigating for defects in the bicycle that caused a crash, in which case a product liability claim may be placed

After the evidence is compiled, it is given to our lawyers to construct a case that supports our client’s claim, whether with an insurance company or in court. In some cases, the insurance company will settle with a reasonable amount; however, some companies do not. In these claims, taking the case to civil court can produce a positive result.

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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