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Napa Bicyclist Fatally Injured in Collision

Napa Bicyclist Fatally Injured in Accident

A Napa bicyclist tragically passed away after being involved in an accident that took place on Sunday, April 12, 2020. The injured individual has been identified by authorities of the Napa County Sheriff’s Department (NCSD) as Isac Avila Avina, a 67-year-old resident of unincorporated Napa County. Alvina was the only party involved in the accident. Additionally, local authorities are investigating the crash. A GoFundMe page has been set up on behalf of Señor Isac Avila Aviña’s family to help cover his funeral expenses.

Accident Details

According to NPD, the crash happened at around 2:05 p.m. just outside of Aviña’s home located on the 2500 block of Atlas Peak Road. Aviña was on his bike and entering his driveway when, for unknown reasons, he lost control and fell around 15 feet into a concrete ditch on the side of his driveway.

After being contacted about the accident, NCSD dispatched an emergency response team to the location. When they arrived, emergency personnel found that Alvina was seriously injured during the accident. Sadly, he reportedly passed away at the collision scene.


As officials continue their investigation into what may have caused this crash, no likely factors have been reported. Bicycle accidents like this one happen frequently and can be caused by a number of different factors, many of which aren’t under the control of the cyclist. These factors often include malfunctioning or defective bicycle parts that leave cyclists unable to avoid dangerous situations.

The Impact of a Fatal Accident

A fatal accident can be devastating for families. In many cases, the grief people experience after a deadly accident can feel overwhelming and even confusing, leaving family members unsure of how they will be able to continue with their lives. A big source of uncertainty for many grieving families is finances.

After suddenly losing a loved one, households are frequently left without their main source of income or may no longer have access to important services that the decedent used to perform like home maintenance or childcare. Often, these financial issues make it difficult or even impossible for people to spend the time they need focusing on their personal wellbeing.

Getting Help

It’s critical for families to do everything they can to take care of themselves after experiencing such a terrible loss. One of the most important things that families should take during this time is reaching out to an experienced wrongful death lawyer for advice about recovering compensation for their losses.

While it isn’t ever possible to replace what you’ve lost, it often is possible to obtain payments for a wide variety of losses related to the accident. At-fault parties such as bicycle manufacturers can frequently be held responsible for both economic and personal damages, providing families with the support they need during a hard time.

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