Multiple Vehicle Accident on Route 132 Injures Six

Multiple Vehicle Accident on Route 132 Injures Six

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto truck accident lawyer. A multiple vehicle accident on Route 132 sent several people to the hospital on September 12 after a concrete truck heading east collided with several vehicles. According to authorities, neither alcohol or drugs was involved.

What Happened

The concrete truck was in transit on 132 in the Modesto area when it encountered a Dodge Ram going eastbound in the vicinity of Rosemore Avenue. The van allegedly slowed down due to traffic, and the empty concrete truck rear-ended it. The van was pushed into the westbound lanes and hit a Chevy pickup, a California Highway Patrol representative said.

Continuing east on the highway, the concrete hauler collided with a third vehicle identified as a Honda Civic. The Civic then hit a Jeep in the rear, propelling it into a Toyota sedan.

Injuries From the Accident

According to authorities on the scene, one person suffered a broken arm. Five more were minorly injured in the crash. The injured were taken to medical centers in Modesto and Turlock. The identities of the injured have yet to be released.

Cement Truck Accident Characteristics

Cement trucks are unique in that the wet cement must stay that way until it is delivered. Since the cement can dry up inside the cement truck, every effort is made to reach the drop-off destination as quickly as possible.

One of the problems with driving a heavy truck at a higher speed than might be considered safe is that cornering can be done too quickly, throwing the vehicle into a potential rollover status. Added to the problem is the weight of a cement truck.

Consider that even lightweight concrete weighs approximately 3,000 to 4,000 pounds per cubic yard. A normal load is 10 cubic yards, so the cement weighs somewhere around 40,000 pounds. The weight of an empty cement truck is 26,000 pounds. The total weight is approximately 66,000 pounds. Taking a corner at even the posted speed limit can cause the truck to rollover. Due to the design of the cement truck with a high center of gravity, particularly when the drum on the truck is rotating, the chance of rollover accidents is also increased.

Cement Trucks Are Regulated by the California Department of Transportation

In California, the Department of Transportation regulates the size, weight, permissible truck routes and other important rules for cement trucks as well as other large commercial vehicles. Safety requirements are mandated under CVC, Section 34520 for drug and alcohol testing.

Inability to Stop

Cement trucks, due to their weight, often have difficulty stopping. This is particularly true at higher speeds. For example, a heavy cement truck moving at a higher speed will find it next to impossible to stop if a lead vehicle slows in front of it. The truck will continue to barrel forward until its momentum slows, allowing the driver to stop.

Driver Negligence

Although cement truck drivers are in a race to get the wet cement to the building site, driving beyond a speed considered to be safe is a negligent act. If someone is injured or killed by negligence, an experienced attorney can work to make sure a victim receives the compensation that is necessary to pay damages incurred by an accident. This may include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and in the case of a wrongful death, end-of-life expenses as well as

Cement Truck Recalls

Terex, a popular type of cement mixer, recalled four models manufactured between 2011 and 2015. At issue are the gear pumps made by Eaton Hydraulics and designated as S26 pumps. The pumps fail unexpectedly, which causes a reduction in the driver’s ability to steer properly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Terex replaces the gear pump without charge.

Product Liability

If a manufactured product causes an accident due to a defective part, both the manufacturer and the part maker are liable for damages due to the defect. Under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, a plaintiff only need prove that the defect would not have happened without negligence, and the product was under the defendant’s oversight. In the case of Terex, any accidents due to the steering defect could fall under a product liability.

Modesto Truck Accident Lawyer

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