Multiple-Vehicle Accident Occurs in Sacramento in Attempted Merge

Interstate 5 Accident Reportedly Caused by Driver Who Overcorrected

A multiple-vehicle accident happened near the Sacramento airport on February 6 when a vehicle spun out trying to merge with traffic. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) at around noon on southbound Interstate 5 just south of the Airport Boulevard exit ramp. According to the incident report, five vehicles were involved, including a Honda Pilot and Volkswagen Golf. 

Accident May Have Been Caused by a Failure to Merge

The individual who called authorities to report the accident said that a vehicle attempted to merge, overcorrected, and caused the multiple-vehicle accident. However, this assessment will have to be confirmed by authorities. Sacramento Fire Department emergency responders were called to the scene to assess injuries, although no further information was provided. 

Authorities Investigating Cause of Multiple-Vehicle Accident

One of the vehicles ended up facing the wrong way at a guardrail, while another spun out and crashed into a barbed-wire fence. The incident is being investigated to determine fault and how the multiple-vehicle accident happened.

Merging on a Crowded Highway

Drivers need to use extra caution when merging onto a busy highway. In order to do it safely, they must take the time to ensure that they have the space to merge. Once one vehicle crashes, there is a high risk that other cars and trucks will be involved. This is due to the crowded conditions on the highway and the speed at which the vehicles are traveling. Aside from rear-end collisions at a substantial speed, some vehicles may swerve into the adjacent lane to avoid hitting the car in front of them. 

Conditions That Can Make a Multiple-Vehicle Accident Worse

Inclement weather can enhance the devastation wrought by a multiple-vehicle accident. Slick roads make it harder for vehicles to slow down and can make the car or truck spin out, involving more collisions. When this happens, the vehicles may be struck multiple times by different cars. Safety equipment, such as airbags, are only able to protect the driver or other occupants once. If they deploy, they are useless for additional impacts, leaving the individuals in the vehicle unprotected. 

Investigating a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

It is critical the evidence pointing to negligence be compiled. Without doing this, the case will not be able to move forward. At our firm, we send our investigative team out in phase one of the crash investigation. The members of the team evaluate the road’s condition and look for signs telling drivers that merging traffic will occur ahead. They also contact witnesses who saw the multiple-vehicle accident and review police reports for mistakes. 

Once this preliminary information is gathered, the investigative team performs accident reconstruction techniques that show the position of vehicles before, during, and after the crash to help determine liability. Videos from traffic surveillance cameras are also obtained. 

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